We know how successful those Bolivia Phone Number companies are now. Tesla is worth more on the stock market than all other car companies, added together. What did these companies do during such a communication crisis? Instead of Bolivia Phone Number worrying about the press, they focused on their customers, users, and employees. It’s also a stoic approach: you can’t always influence the way the press reports about you, but you Bolivia Phone Number can influence the way you run a business.

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Also read: The 7 pillars for Bolivia Phone Number reputation management Or, as Zamost puts it, “Just ignore the chatter. If the company is good and you know how to manage the reputation clock, your company reputation will also change. When the time is right.” Recognizable reputation cycle? I’m curious what you think about this business reputation cycle. Where is your brand currently located? How long has your brand been in this spot on Zamost’s ‘reputation clock’? And have you ever gone through this cycleToday is Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year.

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And unlike previous years, the whole situation surrounding corona ensures that this edition really lives up to its name. The number of burnouts has increased since the start of the crisis. In fact, there is a possible quadrupling of burnouts hanging over the market. This is not only annoying for the employee, but also for the employer. Do you have any idea what a burnout costs a company? According to experts from ArboNed, this amount is estimated at an average of 60,000 euros per burnout.

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