Champions League matches. Now about Afghanistan Phone Number pecifically this video. It is the day of the away match against Real Madrid, in which Ajax has to make up for a 1-2 loss of the home match. Soon after it was published in the Afghanistan Phone Number morning, the video went viral. The video tells a story of hope, faith, opportunity and making dreams come true. It is a video that summarizes what you dream of as a player but also Afghanistan Phone Number as a fan. The match is one that you still think years later: I was there when it happened, when Ajax beat Real 4-1. And the video, like the competition, is one for the books. The challenge for Ajax’s social team is to continue.

To surprise Afghanistan Phone Number the public

May  a strange duck in the bite, but  Afghanistan Phone Number NOS has put down an amazing production this year to bring extra attention to 75 years of liberation. Because what would it be like if, with the resources we have today, we Afghanistan Phone Number could cover the news from then? For a year, the NOS shares the most important events with the start of Mad Tuesday on September 5, 1944 – it ends on August 15, 1945. So you Afghanistan Phone Number can follow this production for months. Of course it is a journalistic production, but because they retell the news from 75 years ago in this creative way, I still think it is a fine example of storytelling.


Especially Afghanistan Phone Number stories forgotten

Go see,read and hear it! Storytelling Afghanistan Phone Number NOS about 75 years of liberation: screenshot.  Nike – Dream Crazier While last year everything revolved around the commercial with Colin Kaepernick, Nike has proven Afghanistan Phone Number  itself again in 2019. It’s cherry picking, because there are several videos that wouldn’t look out of place in this list. What’s particularly good about these videos is that they tie in Afghanistan Phone Number with the Dream Crazy video from 2018. But with a different voiceover, with a different sport taking center stage, but always with a powerful story. Storytelling with a clear focus in all communication, from video.

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