The example seems harmless, but Norway Phone Number before you know it you are half an hour (or maybe longer) further. You answer a number of apps, check the mailbox of the department, check the notifications from your Facebook page or other things. The smartphone has a major impact on our lives and on our productivity. The research by Norway Phone Number Ruigrok Netpanel shows how great this influence is . They conducted a study into how important the smartphone is for the Dutch. The results don’t lie. The urge is great The figures show that Norway Phone Number almost three quarters of the 1,195 respondents consider the mobile phone very important.

The Complexity And Dynamics Norway Phone Number

We are continuously online. There is no Norway Phone Number longer any need to do nothing. We check our telephone while watching television, in the waiting room or on the train or bus. Because when we don’t look for a while, we fear that we are not aware or missing something important. The urge is great. Despite the fact that we are so close to our Norway Phone Number mobile phone, we are regularly disturbed by others who regularly check their smartphone. As many as three quarters of the respondents indicated this. Influence on your concentration and productivity All those interruptions, no matter how short and innocent they are, are not good for our productivity.

Norway Phone Number

Complexity And Dynamics Norway Phone Number

Because after such an interruption you are again almost half an hour further to pick up your concentration. When you add up all those short interruptions of one day, you see that a lot of productivity is lost. Losing productive time can lead to stress, frustration, or working longer to keep up. From the sky There are ways to do your work undisturbed and Norway Phone Number resist the temptation of your mobile phone. Think, for example, of turning off your notifications or consciously ‘going off the air’. The latter appears to be a way for half of the respondents of the survey to focus more on the task you are working on, or who you are with.

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