Magento Some proprietary players also claim a strong capacity for personalization and management of editorial animation such as Websphere or Intershop , but very quickly, the costs of integration soar. a conference at Radio France premises on March 24, 2014. What is your site made of? This is the question they tried to answer in front of a neophyte and extremely curious audience. This conference begins Brazil Phone Number List an in-depth explanation of CMS through the main principles of Web content management, while highlighting the revolution that these have brought for Webmasters. The second part of this conference was reserved for CMS Drupal and what the latter brought to the Radio France group. Watch the video of the conference.


F-commerce, the tools to sell on facebook Since the beginnings of the minitel which allowed the development of electronic transactions, the market has evolved a lot! First of all, e-commerce, which is no longer presented, whose market in France represented 25 billion euros in 2009, more recent when it comes to m-commerce (m for mobile) still to develop, and the latest comer of f-commerce, understand selling on facebook. f-commerce In this article we will present two applications that allow you to set up a showcase and sell your products on facebook. Boosket “The Swiss Army Knife of F-Commerce”: Boosket is an application for selling and promoting products on facebook fan pages.

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You can therefore send your products directly to your community of “fans”, Facebook users can thus directly recommend a product on their walls. The advantage is the powerful virality that the world’s leading social network makes available. What we like: Its very clear and ergonomically well thought out interface boosket interface Import of a csv or xml product catalog Promotion management The payment process directly integrated into facebook Are back office is also very easy to use. Boosket has a partnership with magento and prestashop, which allows you to call on your web agency to simplify the implementation of a tool like this one. Graph-o-shop “The beautiful and functional showcase”

Unlike Boosket, the Graph-o-shop application does not allow you to sell directly on Facebook, in fact it does not integrate a payment process but offers a redirection to the merchant site. The issue of user testing is often addressed in web projects, although they are all different and use different methods. Read this article to find out when to do them. User tests are one of the most effective means to validate a concept of interface, navigation, information architecture. User tests can be carried out at every stage of the project. Their method, their level of depth differs, but always brings significant added value and ultimately accelerates production times and overall quality:

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A little reminder on what a user test is A user test , in the UX vocabulary, designates a test carried out in a situation during which a user performs one or more navigation scenarios. The test makes it possible to observe and interview the user to identify his motivations, objectives and all the obstacles encountered during his navigation. Discover here all the other methods of UX Design The different user tests User tests can be carried out at many stages of the project and lead to different results. Depending on the stage of your project (start, project already online or planned project), the tests are also more or less effective. We list a few different approaches below:

You are in the phase of expressing your need Benchmarks submitted to users: submit different approaches of competitors to your users and collect their feedback. User research: Observe and analyze the practices of your users in their current environment. Identify their bottlenecks and frustrations. UX audit and user tests based on the existing: You can conduct an ergonomic audit based in particular on Bastien and Scapin criteria to assess the ergonomic quality of your existing one. Wireframe Tests of animated prototypes: on the basis of dynamic prototypes produced with tools such as Axure, you have a panel of users who are representative of the navigation scenarios tested.

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