I have the idea that I’m stuck and I can’t say Colombia Phone Number exactly what caused it’ sounds very different. Do you see the difference? Just turn the situation around. Think about how you would feel if someone says they don’t think a situation is important to you. You probably want to defend yourself, you get sad, because you have done Colombia Phone Number your best for someone, or you get angry that she doesn’t see that. If someone mentions that something touches her, then the confrontation starts in a very different way. You may still feel uncomfortable, because that was not the intention.

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But you don’t feel (wrongly) accused and the conversation is open. Give space to the other Now that you have shared what you actually perceive Colombia Phone Number and what the effect is on you, you can leave space to the other person. For example, you can ask a question like ‘Do you recognize that?’ The other can share his perspective with you Colombia Phone Number and that is the starting point for finding a solution that is good for both. Entering into a pleasant confrontation in this way only works if you really go into it without specific expectations.

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If only one outcome is acceptable to you, it is better to say and communicate it directly. Otherwise you become a kind of quizmaster, who keeps fishing for the desired answer. Practice confronting De Looze gives a nice exercise that helps you to gain insight into the way in which you confront. Think of a confrontation you recently had that didn’t go as planned. Answer these seven questions: What was the situation? What made it likely that the other person would have a negative attitude towards it? What did the confronter actually say? What was the effect on the other.

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