You do a good job but often hear that you can show more of yourself and take more initiative. What is the purpose of this? What do you want to have achieved by December 31, 2021? Submit at least one project proposal? Lead a project group? Publish weekly on internal channels to share your knowledge? Actively listen and ask questions at Hungary Phone Number every meeting? Do you want to expressly discuss your share in successes with your manager or client? The same applies to ambitions such as wanting to read more, becoming a better conversation partner, challenging yourself more, being fitter or having more grip and control over work and life.

To Think Consciously About Behavior

Casting these kinds of ambitions into a classic SMART goal means closing many options and avenues and choosing one that might seem right in January but doesn’t have to be by February. If you want to read a book every week and toil on it on your own and start to fall behind after about five weeks, it becomes increasingly difficult to work towards this goal. Perhaps ‘listening to books’ was more your thing or starting a reading club or meeting with a team to share a short article about what everyone else is reading. And what is ‘reading.

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Consciously About Behavior

Reading and taking notes? Do you want to process notes in your note-taking system? Surely something you invent as you go. Someone who reads more, as a resolution. A theme for the new year You’ve probably seen how some bloggers, like Tara Hunt or Chris Brogan, chose one or a few words for a new year as the overarching theme for development. That’s an attractive idea because it’s more positive than New Year’s resolutions, but it’s not yet so concrete that it limits you. The idea of ​​an annual theme is nicely elaborated in the podcast Cortex.

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