Common mistakes and ‘Dutchisms’Australia Phone Number mistakes that are typical for the Dutch. Verbs deserve special attention. The good news is that the ‘stem’ of Dutch and English verbs Australia Phone Number sometimes works the same. That makes them quite easy to learn, but at the same time sets a trap. Some aspects of verbs work Australia Phone Number differently, while the similarities can blind us to that. New on Frankwatching This is how you prepare a strong impact report in 4 steps ma The future of online advertising ma Chatbot Lio: the new digital employee who ensures happy customers and colleagues ma Is it still worth blogging when everything has already been said ma Content.

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Facts in a rowlike this Therefore Australia Phone Number the most important verb pitfalls for Dutch people who write English texts. Stay active To return for a moment to the comparison with prose: in Australia Phone Number an active text, the subject is the ‘actor’ of the scene. The subject of a passive text ‘understands’ the action and appears to have no influence itself. It makes the difference between ‘ I wrote this article ‘ and ‘ this article was Australia Phone Number written by me ‘. Both are grammatically correct, also in Dutch, but the passive form is unattractive. In English even more than in Dutch. In Dutch you can at least vary the verb form.

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The script of Call Me By Your Name, Australia Phone Number which is based on a book’. In English it becomes: ‘ James Ivory was honored for Call Me By Your Name, which was based on a book ‘. Twice Australia Phone Number ‘was verb+ed’ is twice ugly. For some reason, it’s easy to fall back on the passive voice in business English. Of course: sometimes focus on a Australia Phone Number product or direct object calls for a passive tone and other times you may not want to imply a direct causal connection. The advice remains, if you want to keep the interest of your English reader, to keep the passive tone to a minimum. Keep your subjects the heroes of the story. Don’t let anything happen to.

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