This is why we use the operator “allinurl:” to be sure to find the 2 terms in the URL. In the event that you are targeting a particular website, at random #audreytips, the following combination should be done: Combine advanced operators for your web writing If that doesn’t work, try other search terms like “write for us” or “become a contributor”. In other words, be creative! It’s also a good way to have fun doing research and having fun at work. Macau Email List thank you Thierry for this review of the best advanced operators for precise research and improving your web writing work and your Digital Marketing.

I allow myself to add the operator “related:” to know the pages similar to a URL address. Very handy for identifying sites that Google considers to be your competitors. Conclusion on advanced Google search operators Ultimately, using advanced operators is particularly useful for your research before writing web content or for an SEO audit. Feel free to experiment with different combinations to get the desired result. Whether it’s to control your online reputation, find inspiration, set yourself apart from the competition, or even check the indexing of your site’s pages, the possibilities are endless. Now that you are an advanced user of Google, consider using its many free tools to improve your SEO .


What Are The 4 Key Stages Of The Content Marketing Cycle?

So if you are essentially posting videos to your website, transcribe the sound content into writing. At a minimum, add a text description. If you are a photographer, describe your photos in words … Useful and in-depth content Never post content just to keep up with your posting pace. Before clicking on the “Publish” button, make sure that this content still adds value to your website. Plus, no one wants poor quality, hastily written articles.


It’s the same with search engines. Finally, post in-depth content regularly. Indeed, the study by Thibaud Herr shows that articles, on medium, with a reading time of 8 minutes attract the most attention. Since an adult reads an average of 300 words per minute, the optimum word count for an article is around 2,400 words . My advice : just because an article is over 2000 words long doesn’t mean your audience will appreciate it. Write without worrying about the length of your text. Then count the number of words and refine if necessary. The important thing is completeness.


A White Paper To Set Up Or Optimize The 4 Stages Of The Content Marketing Cycle

2. Optimize the SEO title of the page and its meta description Optimize the SEO title of the page and its meta description This is the basics of SEO, since this is the information that appears in search results. Note : in the search above, I used the search operator “site:” to limit searches to conetnu of #audreytips. The SEO Title of your page The SEO Title of your page The SEO title is the blue line in the search results pages. This is the first piece of information that a user will see and which prompts them or not to click and visit your website. The SEO title of the page is also displayed in your browser tab.

By hovering your mouse over this tab, the SEO title appears in full in a tooltip. SEO On page: The SEO Title of your page Note : SEO title is also called <title> tag by developers. Each page should have a unique SEO title to help search engines, but also your visitors, understand what it is. A page with the title like ” Using SMART Goals for Your SEO?” “Is much more understandable than just” index.html “. The SEO title of the page is still one of the most important criteria of “On page SEO”.

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