The Content Marketing is one of  Peru Phone Number List 6 levers of Digital Marketing a business of giving quality information to visitors on your website. It’s not about pushing sales directly, but about creating and distributing relevant and consistent web content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. The end goal is obviously to turn some of your visitors into customers. And here is Laurent’s position : In other words, the goal of Content Marketing is to attract and retain customers by constantly creating relevant content. Few businesses doubt the power of Content Marketing. But sadly, few have the skills and expertise to make a real impact on sales. Learn how to promote your business, attract qualified leads, and maintain good relationships with your customers, through Content Marketing.

This article places Content Marketing at the center of your Digital Marketing actions. Then he describes the best practices for setting up Content Marketing that converts. Contents [ display ] Maintaining a Business Blog is the Basis of Content Marketing Maintaining a Business Blog is the Basis of Content Marketing Personal blogs gave birth to Content Marketing for business. The diagram above speaks for itself! Businesses that maintain a blog get 55% more visitors to their websites compared to those that don’t (source HubSpot ). Business blogging is commonplace today to provide high quality information for free to your website visitors. With all of this content posted on your business blog

Content Marketing Contributes To The Natural Referencing (Seo) Of Your Website

you are seen as an expert in your field . As you provide them with free useful advice on your business, it also builds a relationship of trust with your readers . And with recognized expertise and a relationship of trust, you are no longer very far from being able to make a sale. My advice : Running a business blog is the fastest way to build a sharing platform and turn your business into a content-generating machine. Why practice Content Marketing? Why practice Content Marketing? The return on investment (ROI) of Content Marketing is phenomenal! Content Marketing is at the center of all your Marketing actions All your prospects, whatever their age, their location


consume information on the Internet. This is why Content Marketing is simply Marketing today . Content Marketing refers to sharing your knowledge, advice … in various formats: Blog posts, Videos, Podcasts, Infographics, Webinars, Social media publications, Emails, Quizzes, Generators, Calculators and other widgets … Content Marketing is therefore essential to building a brand in our increasingly digital world. All this content is also material for Marketing on social networks. They fully contribute to the efforts of Natural Referencing (SEO): By providing quality content to search engines, While participating in obtaining backlinks. By targeting specific “buyer profiles”,

Content Marketing Is The Starting Point For Your Emailings

Content Marketing becomes the key component of Inbound Marketing. As a reminder, Inbound Marketing uses tactics to generate and nurture your prospects so that they can gradually be transformed into customers. Finally, Content Marketing gives your business a huge advantage to stand out from your competitors who do not practice it. But the reverse is also true. Not practicing Content Marketing puts your business at a disadvantage. This is why Content Marketing contributes to all the levers of Digital Marketing, and even to all your traditional Marketing actions.

Content Marketing contributes to the natural referencing (SEO) of your website Content Marketing contributes to the natural referencing (SEO) of your website There are many tasks to improve the SEO of your website. But nothing beats Content Marketing to boost your site’s SEO on Google . And it makes sense. Google’s goal is to match the most relevant information with the search queries of its users. As a result, without content, you have no chance of ranking well in the search engine results pages. SEO requires content. And Content Marketing is a flood of content. The proof : if you arrived on this article, it is probably with a search on Google. There is no SEO without content since you need words, articles, substance … In search engines, you rank for specific keywords available in your content.


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