You will also know more about your audience and be able to identify new markets to pursue. Create a website and a blog all in one solution: try one of our bespoke website packages . They are the result of tribulations, sometimes of Cayman Islands Phone Numbers List of genius, of a motivated and united team … Your company is a whole story, a whole philosophy. Use your corporate culture to bond emotionally and make your customers want to do business with you. Here are some common story sources: Origins : Why does your business exist? Have you been inspired by a loved one? A bad experience with a product?

An accidental idea? A personal failure? Traditions : What activities do employees participate in together? What are your routines? What events do you organize each year? Staff : Who are the people behind your business? What are their passions and their little peculiarities? How do employees contribute to your success? Highlights : Has your business model been influenced by meeting with a client? Have you taken an unexpected path, influenced by a professional partner or mentor?


Establish A Content Strategy As In A Web Agency

Your Brand Promises : What Are You Doing To Exceed Customer Expectations? How do you shape your services to ensure customer satisfaction? What ethical or sustainable practices set you apart as a company? Ultimately, we all want to feel good about ourselves. This is why ambitious stories and stories with an ethical or social dimension are so effective in attracting attention. We are drawn to products that bring us closer to our ideal selves. Create an opportunity for your customers to see themselves in a positive light.

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Ambition : Satisfy a goal or aspiration (for example: eat better, stick to your resolutions or throw the perfect party) Ethics : Defending positive values ​​or helping the community (for example: respecting animals or supporting charities) Society : Finding your place among others or having influence within your circle of friends. Storytelling allows you to create a frame of reference to guide your audience. It’s not about telling people what to think. It’s about focusing on the details that are most important for customers to remember that information.

The Customer Relationship

You can apply these storytelling methods to a variety of marketing channels , including images. Just make sure your stories have a story arc. Think about the starting point, the conflict and the end. What information do you want your customers to have after hearing your whole story? What emotions do you want to evoke in the people who listen to your story? Stay curious about your audience. Needs and interests are changing, but if you know your clients’ expectations, you can compose effective stories every time. And who knows: the lessons you learn may inspire your next cycle of Memorable Stories.

Choose professional software, such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw, or free solutions, such as GIMP. If you are not comfortable with vector creation, you can convert another type of file to vector format. Just make sure that the original model is large and clear enough to maintain maximum quality. 5. Put your ideas down on paper Do you want to create a totally new logo? Draw rough drafts by hand using a pen or pencil. Don’t worry too much about your artistic talents. The goal is to give free rein to your ideas at the start. Drafts allow you to unleash your creativity on paper.

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