PUBLISHED ON FEBRUARY  Luxembourg Phone Number List  10, 2021 BYAUTHOR SANDRA RASTOLL6 COMMENTS You are targeting Google’s top spots and you have certainly found that the competition is very severe. With 1.6 billion sites revolving around the web, this is no wonder. But you want to be in the “Golden Triangle” of search results pages that includes Google Ads, all types of Features Snippets, and top natural results. And in your conquest plan, you have of course followed to the letter all the current advice to optimize your SEO: Set up a content strategy, Put the user back at the center of your Marketing approach, Distill the keywords in the text by playing on the whole range of semantics, Offer good content with real added value to the user … In fact, you focus on regularly posting reliable and relevant content. However

the results are not necessarily there. And for good reason ! Most entrepreneurs who, like you, are looking for visibility have adopted this strategy. So your competitors are also producing good content. So how do you get past them? This is the question I asked Sandra , our web writing expert: The answer is to produce better content. To do better than good. Indeed, to overtake your competitors and establish yourself on the first page on Google results, you must therefore publish content that is 10 times better. And you will see that it is not that complicated. Note : as the acronym for “10 times better”, is 10X. This is why experts in Digital Marketing speak of “10X Content” or “10X Content”. So how do you go from good content to “10X Content” to boost your SEO? Contents [ display ] What is the

Mirror, My Beautiful Mirror

10X Content” method? Content strategy – boost your SEO with the “10X Content” method Drawing inspiration from Gareth Moore’s book “10X marketing formula” and Brian Dean’s “ skyscraper ” method , Rand Fishkin developed the “10X content” method. As a reminder, Rand is still today the co-founder of SparkToro and the former president of Moz. As you can see, the “10X Content” method means doing better. But behind this term actually hides an important strategic objective. The goal is to permanently occupy the first position of Google. It is : Not only to stay in first place, But also to tell your competitors that they cannot dethrone you because your content is exceptional, And ultimately attract a flow of qualified leads to your business website. The heart of the method to produce better content In the “10X Content”


method, “doing better” takes different forms. Rand Fishkin details 6 main points to study closely in order to develop the impact of your content. But before presenting these 6 points to you, know that they have one common denominator: taking the user into account . Unlike what happened a few years ago when the content was tasteless and stuffed with keywords , the current trend based on content strategy is already putting the user at the center of the development of your Marketing policy. The “10X Content” method uses this premise, relying above all on people and multiplying all the factors so that the user: Feels understood, Recognize its values ​​in that of your company, Find the answers to his real questions. In fact, he won’t look any further, since he has already found everything with you.

Move The Angle Of The Camera

This premise teaches you that the development of your personas is the keystone of your content strategy at the heart of your Inbound Marketing. The more you know about your audience, the more likely you are to produce 10X better content. Because ultimately… it all starts with in-depth knowledge of the user. The 6 key points of the “10X Content” method Rand Fishkin used 6 criteria to define a “10X Content”, ie 10 times better content. He also applied these principles at MOZ and the result amounts to profits of more than 6 figures. According to him, here are the 6 factors of a “10x content”: Promote a unique and intuitive U X whatever the reading medium : the content must be responsive and easily shareable, Provide content that is of high quality, useful, trustworthy, remarkable and interesting

the search for solid and reliable sources and the organization of ideas by answering questions posed by your user, Have a scope and details that do not appear in the content dealing with the same subject : go beyond the purely informative aspect, Trigger a strong emotional response from the user : the content brings him pleasure, joy, satisfaction, astonishment, curiosity … Solve a problem or a question with precise and exceptional comprehensive resources : the content must be treated in depth and from all angles, Present the content on a unique and very pleasant medium

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