They must learn to establish their own Iran Phone Number private. Also, domain traffic, which is not only a connection with fans, but also a bargaining chip with merchants. Wei ya’s private domain is mainly composed of public accounts, personal accounts, wechat Iran Phone Number groups, and wei ya surprise club. In the wechat group, fans at different. Stages are sorted according to their rank, and then the fans at different stages are divided into different. Groups. Then, the highest level of stratification must be a group of beloved fans or diamond fans, and their contribution rate is often driven to a certain extent. It can also be said that it has formed a certain stickiness.

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With the anchor, and this method Iran Phone Number has also become an efficient platform for fans to contact the anchor. User operations are mainly divided Iran Phone Number into two. Also, points: first: build user trust for example, in the product introduction recommended in each live broadcast, she will not blindly exaggerate but focus on the audience. For a shower with a small water output, she will not hide this. Also, shortcoming, but change the angle to inform this shower. It is more suitable for girls to use, that is, using shortcomings to find the audience, then this feature. Will become an advantage in front of the audience. Fan trust represents consumers’ understanding and. Preference of her.

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Iran Phone Number

Example, if they think Iran Phone Number the product is good and the price. Also, is cheap, people will start. To trust it, and then later, the frequency of purchase will become higher and higher, and they will begin to prefer it, and the value it brings also bigger. When wei Iran Phone Number ya has accumulated a certain degree of trust, coupled with. The internet celebrity temperament, she quickly gained a large number of fans. There are not many people who know that trust is the basis of preference and do not harvest fans, but also build trust in the opposite direction. Second, with the help of social media the potential traffic of new media is huge.

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