Take for example the growing market for adult coloring books. Adults have always had the option of buying coloring books. However, many adults were deterred by the perception that coloring was a childish activity. Manufacturers, therapists, and Ecuador Phone Number List have repositioned coloring books as therapeutic tools, and all of a sudden they’re selling them to a market made up of all age groups. It is not always necessary to change your entire corporate identity to attract new customer segments.

Instead, focus on expanding your brand’s story to show multiple sides of the same core vision. Whether you’ve taken over a well-known business or merged two businesses, a name change can help you start from scratch with a unified identity. Do you want to project a different image than what customers expect? Do customers associate your business with a specific product, which no longer reflects the range of services you offer?


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Does the business you have acquired have a negative reputation? Is your brand image tied to a specific area, making it difficult to expand to a larger geographic area? All of the above reasons are valid reasons for a clean slate and reinventing your branding, in order to avoid being relegated. 7. Approach rebranding strategically Before you dive into rebranding your small business, create a plan to measure ROI. Changing your brand image is a big step.

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We do not take such a drastic measure for the simple purpose of shaking off a little frozen marketing. From the start, you need to determine whether your rebranding will be primarily visual or conceptual. Will it primarily affect your marketing resources, or will it involve a significant transformation of your values? A visual rebranding will first and foremost be a financial investment, while a conceptual rebranding will require the support and understanding of your staff and customers. Catching your loyal customers off guard could scare them away.


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Think about how you want to deploy your new identity and be transparent about your intentions. Using your rebranding as an opportunity to strengthen your commitment to providing exceptional service will help you avoid losing customers. it would be a big mistake to create a logo that relies too much on trends. Instead, focus on defining your visual identity as a business. What message do you want to convey to your customers? What does your company represent and what are your values?

Creating a logo based on current trends alone may work for a little while. But sooner or later, expect to lose ground with your target audience. 7. Dissonant colors Finding the right color balance for your logo can be as crucial as choosing the right font. If your colors don’t match your business message or you use the wrong color combination, your logo will look awkward and immaturity. The best way to avoid this is to start without colors.

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