Familiarize yourself with the recommendations of the BERT algorithm and apply them to your website. How to prepare for the arrival of the new MUM algorithm? It is important to follow the best practices already recommended by the BERT algorithm. Focus on publishing qualitative content, understanding Google EAT criteria, focusing on search intentions, creating St. Pierre and Miquelon Email List cocoons, optimizing photos and videos … Why is there no official release date for the MUM algorithm? The official release date of the MUM algorithm is not yet public. Google teams are still in the testing phase.

The company has announced that in the months and years to come, they will bring features and improvements to their products related to MUM technology. The external links : These are links that direct the reader to a page of another website. When inserting these links, always add an anchor. What is an anchor? This is the word or phrase your link / url is placed on that redirects your visitor to a page or place on it . 8. Do not index your pages on Google Search Console Last tip! When you have finished writing your page, publish it and immediately think about asking for it to be indexed .


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To do this, go to your Google Search Console. Then, in the search bar, enter your URL and click on “request indexing”. Thus, your page should appear faster on the search engine. 9. Create duplicate content Worst SEO mistake! Copy and paste text on an external site, and paste it on your page… SEO experts speak of duplicate content . This is a problem for the Google algorithm which does not know how to decide between them in its ranking. So, it just displays only the page that owns it, that is, the one that was published first. In addition, you are giving Google the wrong signal which may penalize you if you abuse this practice.


Nothing prevents you from being inspired by certain ideas, but create your own content ! audrey: thank you Margaux for this summary of the all too common mistakes in SEO. I would like to add that the structuring of your content with subtitles like a table of contents is also fundamental in 2022. Conclusion on the 9 mistakes not to make in SEO As you have been able to discover thanks to this article, several techniques are to be put in place to improve your SEO .


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So avoid all these errors, frequently used by some sites. Use a checklist or plugin like yoast SEO on WordPress. If you stick to this, you should see results after a few weeks. Indeed, SEO results take time. Be patient. But remember to analyze your results at least once a week or every fortnight to see if you have observed improvements and an increase in the position on Google of certain pages. To sum up in 3 questions What element of a page has the most impact on the loading speed of our site? Typically, the weight of the images is half the weight of the full page.

Fortunately, there are compression tools available to decrease the file size. What HTML tags allow you to work with the content of a result on Google? A typical result is made up of the Title, the URL and the meta description. Remember to fill them in, add your target keyword. Also make sure they are unique for each page. How to request indexing of your web pages on Google? Certainly, Google sends its crawlers across the web to identify all existing web pages. But to speed up the discovery of your URLs, consider submitting a sitemap to your Google Search Console. Additionally, with each post and / or update, submit this page manually through the URL Inspection Tool in your Search Console.

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