It is a technique of Black Hat SEO to return all the links to a “money” site, that is to say a site that you want to promote positioning in the results pages of Google by creating backlinks. But let’s be clear, the risk of being sanctioned by Montserrat Email List is low, if you create several very high quality sites, with: A real content strategy, And a visible and qualitative approach on social networks … In any case, today because no one can predict how Google’s algorithm will evolve in the future.But never endanger your business! And do not forget either that Google has many means to identify that you are the owner of several Web sites like the Whois, the IP address, the DNS server, your Analytics account… Moreover, Web-alliance describes that. very good . In addition, running a popular, useful and interesting site takes a lot of effort! With a private network of websites, you may not be able to afford your ambitions. And a site left behind just to link back to your main site is no use. And a priori, with little or no updated sites, the risk of sanctions on the part of Google increases sharply.

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Several sites = a lot of effort! Getting a large volume of traffic to a website requires thoroughness and consistency in: Write quality content regularly, Optimize their natural referencing , Distribute and promote the content on social networks on which to animate your community, without forgetting that 3 websites, this generates 3 Facebook pages, 3 twitters, 3 YouTube channels, … Give visibility to your activities and your websites with influencers, the press, etc … so that they make links towards your site. Getting 1,000 unique visitors per day to your site is ultimately a lot of time!
Montserrat-Email-ListTypically several hundred hours of work, over 12 months, in my experience. So, one site or several sites? The answer to this question is simple. 3 websites is 3 times more work. Indeed, remember that for the multi-site tactic to work, the inbound links to your main site must also come from sites with high popularity… If your other sites are not popular, it is of no interest that ‘they link to your main site. Several sites = a lot more money to invest! Several sites = a lot more money to invest!

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Finally, even if most of the tools and advice that I recommend on #audreytips are free, or inexpensive, the fact remains that there are incompressible expenses to create and develop the visibility of a website. Among these, the most frequent expenses are: The domain name, web hosting and other “technical” expenses, WordPress plugins and other subscriptions intended to save time on technical aspects, Online advertising: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads…. The possible outsourcing of certain actions necessary for traffic generation: content writing (articles, infographics) in particular. Unfortunately, few of these expenses are declining …The cost of a Google Ads campaign (ex Adwords) does not decrease in proportion to the number of sites and / or campaigns that you manage there. CPC (cost per click) always costs as much whether you have 1 or 10 sites! The risk of traffic loss Building links between several websites, even if they belong to you, is also the risk of seeing the Internet user “go elsewhere”. The more you ask the Internet user to go from one site to another, the more there is the risk that he will not follow the marked path that you suggest. Internet users are now more and more fickle. Their attention time is reduced. So limit the risk and offer them everything they need on one website!

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