The blog was originally a  Sri Lanka Phone Number List  journalistic platform for expressing thoughts, experiences and feelings, a kind of diary. Today, blogging has evolved into a professional way to express leadership, demonstrate expertise and chat with prospects. in 2020, a business website without a blog is like an engine without fuel. I will summarize the content of our interview below. Contents [ display ] 2 types of Blog: personal and business 2 types of Blog: personal and business The personal blog Do you want to become an internet celebrity, a future influencer? Or just share your passion? So choose your theme, launch your blog and publish content. Regardless of the chosen theme (beauty, parent-child relationships, cooking, cars, etc.), only one thing matters: you should be passionate about this theme.

Here are some examples : A writer who wants to animate a community of fans, A photographer to present his art around the world, A stay-at-home mom who loves to share her cooking tips and tricks, My advice : every human being seeks to connect with other human beings. This is why you need to humanize your blog. To do this, start putting yourself forward. Thus, you will easily write quality articles while respecting the publication rate that you have set for yourself. Then, if you can successfully capture a loyal audience, you can start monetizing your content by: Publishing sponsored product reviews, Creating a product to download, Developing an affiliate program,

The Blog Is The Medium Where To Centralize All Your Content

Maybe one day you will get to make a living from your blog. It is neither easy nor given to everyone, but some influencers, having become referents for their audience , make a very good living. A company’s blog This is a business leader who wants to spread his brand and win new customers with the Internet. This is the subject that interests us. No matter what type of content you want to promote , a corporate blog is the best way to spread your product and / or service offering to the world while building a solid reputation. Obviously


there are other channels for promoting your content, such as social media and emailing. On the other hand, without a tool that centralizes your content, you are not going to optimize your lead generation. This centralizing tool is your business blog. Why is blogging so important to your business? Why is blogging so important to your business? The untruths! Not too long ago, some Digital Marketing professionals claimed that “blogging is dead”. It was not true and it is even less true today: it is just not “the buzzword” anymore. I agree totally besides the point of view of Frederick Canevet on this subject. The importance of blogging is only growing.

Blogging Is The First Step In Inbound Marketing

The proof : it is 5.30pm when I write this article and today there are already more than 5 million blog articles published since the start of the day (source worldometers ). And in my opinion, this is not going to end anytime soon with over a quarter of websites blogging as well. By the way, here are other statistics taken from an infographic published by Content Powered in 2020: 70% of prospects think that a blog adds credibility, 33% of them consider blog articles as the 1st factor of a site’s credibility , 65% of marketers plan to increase their content efforts in 2020, Marketing teams who focus on their blog are more likely to have a positive ROI (1300%) … Corporate blog – infographic published by content powered Content Marketing

is vital! Content Marketing really makes a difference in promoting your brand. Why ? Because we live in a highly connected society. The amount of information available online is endless. Consequently, people but also your prospects start by going on the Internet to better understand the offer and the expertise of a company. Just providing a brief description on a few pages of your website or on your social media accounts is not enough. They want to know your story and understand the benefits you can bring them. That’s why I advise you to create content that engages your readers. And the best place for that is your business blog. Their face changes (eyes and mouth smile), their attitude changes (they straighten up, gesture with their hands, speak louder…). Suddenly, they seem to come alive with a particular ardor that hypnotizes listeners.

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