Every day you score a plus or minus Iceland Phone Number or report number on those trackers. That could be things like: Worked continuously on a concentration task for one hour? Did you take a morning and afternoon break? Have you Iceland Phone Number gone off screens during breaks and been on the move? Screen time on your smartphone kept under an hour? Trackers can also be used for a number of things that you want to do every day, such as Iceland Phone Number drinking water, taking steps, being attentive, helping others, reading.

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The illustration below is a very Iceland Phone Number enthusiastic row of trackers, but the examples are helpful. Such a check whether you had a good day can also be much shorter. Make an alarm clock on your smartphone and label or name that Iceland Phone Number alarm clock with a smiley with a question markIn other words, did you have a good day? In his book ‘ Triggers – How to Change Your Behavior Forever and Become Who You Want to Be ‘, Marshall Iceland Phone Number Goldschmid explains how with a few questions a day you can check whether you are getting better at what you want to improve.

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His question is not “Did you get X?” but “Did Iceland Phone Number you try your best to make it to X?” You can achieve a goal by chance or you can happen to you, but whether you have done your best is interesting every day. Photo checklist What you take with you on holiday or to a presentation can be made more attractive by taking a picture of the items. I use a bag with a Grid It . On the basis of the photo you can quickly see whether your bag is complete.

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