Podcasts are well targeted to your audience and can connect them. Research shows that 80% of listeners finish almost the entire podcast episode , which is a boon for marketers who spend a lot of money on ads.

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couple of industries are already jumping to this new format, so what are you waiting for to start a new strategy in your company?

Create a podcast
I already mentioned here how podcasts are becoming so popular, but if you’re still Finland WhatsApp Number List not sure why you should start a podcast strategy for your business, here are 10 more reasons to convince you:

You can create long-form content.
There are minimal start-up costs.
You can reuse your content.

You can address your audience directly.

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There is less competition compared to other forms of media (so far).
Podcasts can reach new potential customers, increasing traffic generation and improving conversions.
Podcasts are personal, that’s why they are very attractive.
Podcasts can increase brand awareness by 24% to 79% .
It is more interactive than other types of content.
Podcasts build authority and allow you to become a thought leader/influencer in the industry.
No matter where your business is located, it’s time to take a look at this new strategy and explore its benefits. To start you need to plan, create a name, format, duration and concept. After that, you need to choose your equipment and software and you are ready to record your first podcast.

Always remember to plan your topics around the people you are trying to reach and create real, personal connections. That is what will make the difference.

Now that you’ve learned more about the podcast industry and how it can benefit you, if you think your business is ready for the next step, go for it!

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