Google E-Commerce President, is well confirmed . Since the start of the pandemic, certain sectors have been experiencing severe economic difficulties, such as Retail and e-merchants more generally, which have had to deal with the Antarctica Email List of physical stores . In a spirit of solidarity, Google has therefore decided to offer its advertisers completely free access to advertising on Google Shopping.. This exceptional offer will be offered first of all to retailers in the United States from April 27, before a deployment planned in other countries by the end of 2020. We will explain everything in detail!

Google Shopping Free Google Shopping: a strong gesture of solidarity It is a real tornado that has hit (in particular) the retail sector since the announcement of the containment. For brands that had not yet taken seriously the importance of activating their digital transformation… it hurts. Between the closure of brick & mortar stores and the evolution of post-Covid-19 consumer trends among consumers, no one is spared in this already very competitive sector. Today more than ever, it is a question of getting out of the game, of being visible on the web to continue to ” keep “the activity.


Free Google Shopping: What Objectives And For Whom?

The retail sector has therefore been subjected to severe tests in recent weeks, but some brands are nevertheless succeeding in surfing the new consumer trends linked to the pandemic and precisely meeting the needs of Internet users in search of entertainment and education, the latter also reporting all their shopping desires on the only available channel . It should be noted that the consumption of time spent on the web has doubled since the announcement of the confinement. Note also that with the limitation of Amazon to offer products other than food and medical, it is here as many opportunities to (re) connect with its consumers that Google wants to (re) give to advertisers of all types during the pandemic.


Free Google Shopping: what objectives and for whom? This gesture proposed by Google is a real opportunity for advertisers, but also for buyers. Indeed, hundreds of millions of shopping searches are performed on Google every day, allowing many advertisers – who have the items in stock and ready to ship – to sell online. What are the objectives and for whom? For advertisers, this device provides free exposure to a very large audience, active every day on Google to satisfy their purchasing needs. Advertisers will now be able to supplement their active paid campaigns with free ads.


Free Google Shopping: Partnerships Planned?

(Note: If you are already an existing Merchant Center and Shopping Ads user, you can freely enjoy the Free Ads; for new Merchant Center users, Google is currently working on an effective deployment plan to streamline the onboarding process. which should be available in the weeks and months to come). For Internet users-buyers, they will be able to access more products in a greater number of stores , detectable via the Google Shopping tab. The overall objective of this system is to restore visibility and an immediate cash flow lever to brands having the possibility of shipping their packages and having items in stock that could be sought after by Internet users.

Do not hesitate to consult Google support to know the evolution of this novelty. Free Google Shopping: When? As announced in the introduction, this exclusive device granted by Google allowing retailers and e-merchants to have free access to advertising on Google Shopping will be available initially by the end of the month on the US market , and the Free ads will be accessible globally by the end of the year. The device will take effect by week 18 (starting Monday April 27 exactly) and the free ads will be directly available in the Shopping tab . “ Starting next week, the search results on the Google Shopping tab will be mostly free ads, which will help merchants communicate better with consumers, regardless of whether they are advertising on Google.

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