,03 2020 We know that the Covid-19  Albania WhatsApp Number List  epidemic is a disruption for everyone, companies and employees. And no one thought it was going to get this big. At MV Group, we are happy to have had the right reflexes from the start. So, while we did not yet know the measures the government was going to take to contain the epidemic or how France was going to be affected, we wanted to take the lead. From the end of February 2020, we therefore worked on a Business Continuity Plan , which we deployed little by little. Transparency is an integral part of our DNA, which is why, at the same time, from the start, we communicated regularly to the teams via clear, simple and non-anxiety-provoking messages.

Our Business Continuity Plan in the face of Covid-19 From March 2, we implemented barrier gestures in the company : no more hugs, no more handshakes, use of hydroal coholic solutions and regular disinfection of door handles. To ensure the health of our employees and limit the risk of contamination in the premises, we first invited 50% of the workforce to work remotely from the week of March 9. In view of the precipitation of events, all of the employees went to the home office on Monday March 16 . Although we are fortunate to evolve in a sector of activity that allows us to work remotely, it should be understood that this is a very complex period for companies to manage. employee smile Today,

Our Business Continuity Plan In The Face Of Covid-19

now that remote work is well established among employees, our priority is obviously to perpetuate the company and the jobs . Everyone, at their own level and in their position, contributes to this: the Customer Directors and experts are in regular contact with their customers, each is proactive and offers their customers the best solutions and the necessary adaptations. These exceptional conditions are obviously a complete upheaval for the Human Capital team. All the established rules are being called into question, and we live suspended from the decisions of the government, which itself is experiencing an unprecedented situation and is moving forward from day to day, which further complicates our mission.


uman Capital: more than a support service, a pillar service Faced with this new situation, the team of Human Capital has a r ole pivot : we support the General Management and Subsidiaries Directors in their decision-making in everyday life. We are at their side to advise them and make their task easier. But my work does not stop there: I also make myself available to the teams and make sure to answer all their questions. I would even say that, more than ever, the role of Human Capital is central to reassuring and supporting teams , but it is sometimes frustrating for us not to have clear and precise information to provide them. Indeed, it is not always easy, and we ourselves have moments of doubt. The situation is unprecedented, the laws modified according to the needs of the moment … We sometimes go through periods of uncertainty,

Human Capital: More Than A Support

H just like the people with whom we work (lawyers, accountants, etc.), which complicates the task. In collaboration with Alexis, our Happiness Manager , we have implemented actions aimed at reassuring and supporting the teams. Thus, the mood barometer (MV Team Mood) is sent to all employees more often than usual; A Happiness red thread (number which employees can reach Alexis from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.) and a video chat at noon have been set up for all those who wish. Meetings and moments of exchange between poles are maintained and encouraged, to maintain the so important link between colleagues. hapiness manager listening In order to prepare them as well as possible, we have already warned employees that, even without any certainty about the future, the situation might last longer than initially planned.

For now, the teams are keeping their spirits up, but we know that it may be more complicated in the days or weeks to come, especially for single people or those with children. Moreover, we want to set up a Human Capital hotline to meet all the support and support needs during this period, whatever the employee’s personal situation. As such, I congratulate the entire Human Capital team: the entire team is mobilized and involved, it does an exceptional job for the teams and the company, and manages this situation very well. unprecedented and very complex. Our strength ? To have anticipated things particularly well , which allows us today to calmly manage the part of the delegation in the home office , as well as the associated methods. Businesses: how to get by during this period?

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