A quality branded site ultimately generates more sales for you. We will therefore try to help you draw up a list of content that will appeal to your Internet users. bandeau actu marque First of all, remember that the best way to generate more sales is to retain your current customers because it costs you less than acquiring new ones. Thus, a Angola Email List site, like a professional blog in another measure, will allow for a continuous and direct relationship between your brand and your customers. It will especially influence them and the trust they can place in your products and services.

Brand sites are therefore more and more numerous on the web but above all more and more frequented by Internet users. Now that you are aware of the interest that the creation of your branded site can bring to you, it is necessary to learn about the expectations of consumers to best meet their needs and to ensure that you are already creating visits. Thus, a recent study carried out by Ipsos Public Affairs and commissioned by the Content Agency shows that the vast majority of Internet users wish to find there as a priority information on the products and services offered by your brand and in particular concerning your prices.


Professional Blog In Another Measure

We also learn that Internet users appreciate being able to stock up on the site and therefore access an online store but also being able to find a physical store near their home. Remember that Internet users are also sensitive to the advice you can give on the use of your products and services as well as the customer benefits that you can grant. For example, with regard to food, visitors to these sites particularly like to discover recipes or come and look for discount coupons. For a merchant site, remember that Internet users prefer those who offer express delivery or those who work with the “satisfied or refunded” system.


Also according to this study, know that cybernauts expect a lot from branded sites, especially because they inspire confidence. They then want to be able to discover the history of the brand or to obtain information on your sector of activity. Also, substantive content other than advertising relating to more general themes and detached from your business will be highly appreciated and will generate more regular visits. Speaking of trust, finding consumer opinions on your site inspires more Internet users because you are then transparent. The recognition of the users of your products and / or services is a pledge of quality itself a pledge of confidence, itself synonymous with sales.


They Then Want To Be Able To Discover The History Of The Brand

Therefore, plan a space for the opinion of consumers and in particular on your new products (or services) as well as those already existing with possibilities for improvement. Finally, if you are thinking of creating a private space to retain your customers (which is a good point) ensure that they benefit from it, in particular by testing your products and / or services in preview to generate more advantage. membership. Let’s take stock: Indeed, before wanting to ensure the interfacing between the solutions, it is important to check the following points: In terms of solutions: SAGE ODBC driver same version as your Sage Gestion Commerciale. The Sage ODBC driver is COMPULSORY even for Sage SQL Server databases.

Compatible with Sage Gestion Commerciale versions from v.16.xxx to I7.xxx. Compatible with PrestaShop from v.1.3.xx until 1.6.xx At the database level: Clean Sage Database Compliant customer file (email, address, phone number, etc.) Complete product sheet (prices, stocks,…); Define the tariff categories (if different types of customers); Interpret families in Sage as categories in Pestashop. UNDERSTAND THE PATH BETWEEN FLOWS: Here are two lists allowing to understand how the flows (2) pass between each solution: From Sage to Atoo-sync then Prestashop.

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