For example, you can rewrite your meta description and the title of your page to make it more appealing. Then again, when your site’s title and description stands out from other results, more people are likely to click on your result. Therefore, your CTR will increase. However, it doesn’t have much of an effect if you’re not yet ranked on the first page. In Italy Email List case, start improving your ranking . Average position The last indicator is the “average position”. It shows the average ranking of a specific keyword or page during the selected time period.

Of course, this position is not 100% reliable, because depending on their history, their location, their intention … Internet users obtain different search results. However, this aggregate metric still gives an idea if the clicks, impressions, and average CTR are consistent. Note : you also have the option of choosing your time range to analyze. 3. URL inspection GSC – URL Inspection The URL inspection tool helps analyze a particular URL address. You can thus verify that Google detects and crawls your website. You just have to explore the URL of your choice and extract its diagnosis.


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To do this, simply copy your URL address into the input field at the top. You retrieve the page from the Google index which you can compare with the page as it is currently on your site to see if there are any differences. Google also gives you certain technical information on this page, such as: When and how Google explored it What she looked like when she was explored, Its mobile compatibility, And even information about the structured data found on that URL. It can also alert you to errors on the page. This could be because Google cannot crawl your page properly.


With all of this data, you save valuable time on troubleshooting indexing issues. Next, request indexing of new content or re-indexing of updated content on your site. In addition, it is possible to receive alerts when Google encounters indexing, spam or other problems. The tool even goes as far as trying to fix some issues with AMP content , mobile usability, and other search features. On the same subject : Google Search Console: Improve your natural referencing … and which helps to improve your natural referencing.


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The Google Search Console helps improve your SEO To go further, the Google Search Console helps to: Track your SEO on Google, from a global point of view, but also at the level of a page or a keyword. The positioning as well as the number of clicks are available for each page. So you can watch and understand what is working and driving traffic. Follow the evolution of your site over time, and thus be able to react quickly in the event of a problem.

Measure your actions and the impact of the creation of your content. You can then identify the content to strengthen in terms of your SEO. Detect traffic opportunities Google Search Console also has essential features, such as: The submission of URLs via the sitemap which notifies Google of all your pages, including new features or their latest modifications, Or, the manual removal of the referencing of your old obsolete pages, But also the monitoring of all your external links that point to your site (backlinks). GSC – monitor all your external links that point to your site (backlinks) As you have understood, Google search console is an essential tool in the analysis of your web traffic.


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