This is what I generated as sub just two weeks ago. And that’s what I’m going to teach you to do today for YOUR business. Looked… Before the deconfinement, I contacted a client with whom I worked a lot when I was a professional co-writer. Trainer training I Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List him these words: “Dude: You let me take control of your list for 5 days.” During 5 days, I will send 5 very specific emails. If you don’t make at least 5000 € over these 5 days? I’ll reimburse you double . If you make 5000 €? We see afterwards to share the sales and for my price. And you let me do a video on your numbers.

” Results ? It generated € 10,602 in income… All this thanks to deconfinement … And I’m showing you exactly how I got you to do the same with YOUR OWN products and services in this video: The 5 specific emails to send to make your best month of the year. Warning: I do not guarantee you will reach 10K like my client. But to have your best month of the year if you send these 5 emails and you get serious? That is certain. Click here to see how I managed to generate almost a year of minimum wage for my client in just 5 days. … And how can you possibly do the same. RESOURCES MENTIONED Behind the scenes Do you want to learn copywriting? Take our copywriting training.


Do You Want To Learn Copywriting? Take Our Copywriting Training .

START YOUR BLOG POST WITH A HARD-HITTING INTRODUCTION The attention of people is extremely limited on the internet since it is monopolized everywhere. See how hard it is to watch an entire video on YouTube without being tempted to click on another video’s thumbnail. See the number of online advertisements trying to capture your eye. See how many emails you receive each day from people offering you an offer.


On the internet, it is literally the war for attention. And unconsciously or not, you also participate by posting content If you don’t grab the attention and engage the user quickly, they won’t get any further. Even if your article is awesome. So make sure you grab your attention from the first words . What is done very well with the title. You could write a whole book about titles. But you can already start by reading this article for some hard-hitting headline ideas. You also need to generate interest quickly to engage the reader in the rest of the reading.


All This Thanks To Deconfinement

The goal here is to make sure that the title generates enough interest to get the reader to continue reading to the rest of the text. Like this : “If you have not yet fully understood the value of diversifying your sources of income, you would do well to read what follows”. We know what we’re talking about. We confirm the problem: I don’t know much about this way of generating income. Which brings up a second problem: I don’t know and I would therefore like to know.

And we are immediately offered the solution: keep reading to get an immediate answer. So forget this principle of keeping the best for last. On the web, you don’t have time to waste capturing people’s attention and generating interest. APPLY THIS COUNTERINTUITIVE TIP TO FREE UP YOUR WRITING It’s simple. Write as you speak . Forget the jargon of technicians and politicians. Forget about school writing too. Write as if you were talking to someone in front of you.


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