Throughout the USA Email List of a building, from design to operation, many players and trades are involved. All of them have different issues. For example : For the project owner managing the site, the challenge will be to obtain the highest possible construction value / cost ratio For the MOE, the challenge will be to take into account the uses and technical prerequisites For the builder, the challenges will be to meet deadlines, to have an optimum construction cost and to have a certain ease of implementation. For the operator, its challenges are the durability, longevity and low maintenance costs of its building. Because of these differences,

communications between these actors has always been a major issue in the sector. BIM technology aims to facilitate communications between all stakeholders by providing all the information of a building from construction to its commissioning on a 3D digital model. BIM is a concept allowing these construction players to communicate with each other BIM develops at 3 levels, called “maturity levels”. BIM maturity level – BIM definition Level 1: there is no actual collaboration at this level because everyone creates and updates their data individually on different tools. Level 2: the collaboration takes place in the way of exchanging data

Definition Of Bim And Stakeholder

by the native IFC format (IFC is a standard object oriented file format intended to ensure interoperability between the different digital mockup software). This exchange will make it possible to combine all the models into a single single or federated model thanks to the BIM Manager. Level 3: A single model is stored on a centralized server accessible by all stakeholders and throughout the life of a structure via IFC. According to the requirements of the MOA and in parallel with these levels, the more the technological aspects are advanced, the easier it will be to disseminate transversal information such as temporal


information, financial aspects, sustainable development or all types of information concerning lifespan of the building BIM objects become necessary from the moment we want to include the real equipment and materials, according to the requirements of the MOA Finally, another element to take into account to have a global vision of BIM are the levels of detail called LOD (Level Of Detail) and ND (Level of Detail). The achievement of these levels of detail is conditioned on the life phase of the building and define the level of information expected for the elements constituting the digital model and the requirements of the project owner.

Bim Is A Concept Allowing These Construction

This means that the change will often be done at full speed for the SME which must continue to run the existing model on a daily basis. This requires new solutions for financing digital training (eg: provision of inter-company skills grants, accounting amortization of training and digital skills development initiatives, etc.). Several leaders are proposed by the CNNum: the Regional Councils, the BPI, the DGE, the digital agency, the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation. This would also associate those who hold the purse strings of vocational training, with FAFIEC. Our opinion: CNNum in its role, with an action-oriented report If the

solutions firstly contain digital tools (platforms, etc.), the CNNum does not forget the other dimensions of the subjects, in particular the governance of the complexity of the players, by identifying a leader for each solution path. In addition, CNNum takes the risk of putting forward costing of solutions and implementation schedules for more technological solutions (eg: platform development). Finally, upon reading this report, ISlean consulting has applied to become a connector at the service of SMEs wishing to lead a digital

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