Do you need some inspiration? Adimeo follows new UI / UX trends for you to always be one step ahead … The user experience is playing an increasingly important role in the digital strategy for organizations. A high-quality interactive experience on your digital platform is the guarantee of transforming a simple visitor into a loyal customer, or even an ambassador. It is essential to keep up with new trends in UI / UX Indonesia Phone Number List to meet the needs of ever more demanding users. For our studio, monitoring is essential in the creation process. And it must be done every day! It goes without saying that our creative work would not be the same without this contribution.


Our studio has chosen for you a selection of the best sites and blogs to find inspiration ! Thanks to these sites, we can challenge our ideas and find inspiration to enhance the work already done. The 11 best UI / UX sites to inspire you 1. AWWWARDS A premium directory of distinguished sites day after day. Each site is evaluated according to its design, creativity, ergonomics and content. In addition, the site also gives very nice trends in interaction design. awwwards 2. FUBIZ An eclectic site , very popular with creatives, compiling photos, videos, graphics, design and advertising from the day before. The contents, commercial or not, are selected for their quality and originality. fubiz 3.

Designing Web And Mobile Designs Is No Easy Task!

DESIGNSPIRATION Discovery and sharing of inspirations on design, architecture, photography, fashion, etc. It’s a Pinterest-like interface with an efficient search engine! 4. C OLLECTUI Many web resources , models and templates, animations, pictograms, etc. The search engine allows you to identify resources by functionality, which is quite handy. collectui 5. CODEMYUI A presentation, in video and with the associated source code, of many UX-UI features. codemyui 6. BEHANCE Tool used by many creative people to present their creative work. A simple way to have an online portfolio searchable by clients, future employers and other creatives. behance 7.

DRIBBBLE A virtual community for graphic designers and web designers who share many examples of interfaces, illustrations, wireframes, etc. dribbling 8. DESIGN SHACK Indispensable for daily monitoring of trends: blog articles on all questions relating to web interfaces, both on design and on technique and UX. design-shack 9. BEAUTIFUL PIXELS Promotes itself as a place to collectively admire the works of some of the greatest UI models of our time. beautiful-pixels 10. FLAT INSPIRE A gallery referencing recent interface uploads, the best websites (Flat Design / UI style) with a nice search engine ! flat-inspires 11. HTTPSTER Another site referencing recent uploads of interfaces … httpster The most inspiring UI / UX blogs UX UI articles highlighting explanations, tools and many resources.

Need To Get Inspired By Examples Of Ui / Ux Sites?

new flow MEDIUM.MUZ.LI Numerous studies and articles on user design and interaction design. muzli-1 UXPLANET.ORG uxplanet UXMYTHS.COM A collection of numerous articles presenting the UX design mistakes that should not be made. uxmyths BLOG.USERTESTING.COM user-testing-blog INVISION The famous platform’s blog covering UX news and design best practices. invision UXDESIGN.CC A blog collecting a lot of UX content to facilitate understanding of the UX movement . ux-collective LITTLEBIGDETAILS.COM A blog highlighting all the little details: the icing on the cake! littlebigdetails USABILITYGEEK.COM

An educational blog dealing with user experience, information architecture and human-machine interactions. usabilitygeek NNGROUP.COM/ARTICLES The blog of the American leader in user research. nngroup Extensions to use on your browser MUZLI CHROME EXTENSION muzli Here ! Do not hesitate to come and seek inspiration from us with our article on design patterns ! It will help you find the best design practices for each feature you need. The “live wireframing” Stakeholders are invited to participate in the creation of interfaces . Initially with a simple flipchart and a pen, each moment of the “experience map” is associated with one or more interfaces.

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