09 2019 Imagined around the quality of life at Belgium WhatsApp Number List  work and an eco-responsible approach, Digital Park has won over MV Group for the establishment of its new headquarters in spring 2021. An emblematic real estate project for the Brittany region, Digital Park is the answer to companies wishing to establish their activity in the heart of a district of technopolitan excellence. The laying of the First Stone On September 25, we organized the Laying of the Foundation Stone for Digital Park! An important moment for MV Group and all its subsidiaries because this project will house the new headquarters of the group. A seat in our image:

innovative, eco-responsible and looking to the future!3d rendering Under the marquee set up for the occasion on the ViaSilva site, it was a day of celebration for David Leray, President of Digital Park and Olivier Méril, President of MV Group, who joined forces to bring the Digital Park project to fruition. Well surrounded for this event, Albert Plouhinec, Mayor of Cesson-Sévigné, Gaëlle Andro, First Vice-President of Rennes Métropole and Loïg Chesnais Girard, President of the Regional Council attended to lay the foundation stone of Digital Park in Cesson-Sévigné ( Rennes / ViaSilva). IMG_37012 All the guests had their eyes turned towards the future and towards the immense crane which sits in the center of the site. Indeed, it took them a bit of imagination to visualize the real estate program because for the moment

The laying of the First Stone

the site is a huge hole in the heart of which are busy construction machinery of all kinds. It will take a little more patience to admire the MV Group building which will be wrapped in metal cladding, an emblem that will reflect the light: watch out for your eyes! Fortunately, attendees didn’t have to rely on their imaginations alone as a video of the resort was unveiled. We share it here with you: It is in the spring of 2021 that Digital Park will officially emerge from the ground and participate in the expansion of ViaSilva’s Activity Zone destined to become the “Silicon Valley” of Rennes. Ecosystem and territory Located in the heart of an exceptional location, this eco-responsible real estate program is a project that will boost the local ecosystem.


A true territory of the future, Digital Park will bring added value to the local economy through the various goods and services that will be part of the project. In addition, a digital university will be installed there, which will allow training and skills development in the professions of the future. David Leray expresses himself on this subject: Digital Park aims to attract and bring together the most innovative companies in the area. This project is a real added value for a local ecosystem with an entrepreneurial vision turned towards the future. A seat in the image of a group MV Group was won over by a site and an architecture which concretely translate the human values ​​and the “Smart Family” culture present at MV Group and its seven subsidiaries.

Ecosystem And Territory

This project is part of an approach that places employees at the heart of the company’s strategy with a view to promoting personal development and better serving the group’s customers. 0 With more than 4000m², the headquarters of MV Group will be the most important building of the Digital Park real estate complex. Its location, ease of access and the many local services will provide the group’s employees with a high level of quality of life at work. Olivier Méril, discusses this choice and its impacts: With this planet-friendly project, we will be able to offer our employees a high-quality environment: green spaces, accessibility, services, etc. These benefits will automatically reflect on the satisfaction of our customers. It is a project that fits perfectly with the strategic ambitions of the group. An eco-responsible environment, conducive to well-being The ViaSilva district is an environmentally friendly urban project, labeled Ecocity.

Digital Park fits perfectly into this program and will offer more than 2000m² of green spaces to its occupants. With this planet-friendly project, both for the site and for its buildings, Digital Park is part of the continuity of the residential districts and the Atalante Beaulieu technopole. We have given an eco-responsible dimension to this project well beyond our legal obligations, for example with the planting of a thousand trees this winter in Brittany; to offset the CO2 expenditure of the site. explains David Leray. An argument that weighed in the balance of MV Group in the choice of its new seat. Local services will be set up in the heart of Digital Park, including a crèche on the ground floor. David Leray adds on this subject

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