Beyond this perfect Venezuela Email List of digital, the organization of the meeting deserves to be detailed. The tasks are divided between an ophthalmologist and an optician! In the same cabinet. Explanation: To prescribe glasses and lenses, an ophthalmologist diploma is necessary. To measure the necessary correction, eye pressure, an optician can do. So for an ophthalmologist to treat more clients, half of the work measured in time is done by an optician. Nice parallelization of tasks. It reminds me of lean six sigma training There must have

been some questions because an A4 sheet posted on the door of the waiting room explains that the consultation will be conducted by an optician then an ophthalmologist and why. I did not mention it at this stage, but there is a person who takes care of the planning of the appointments, the collection, the taking of vital card. It is therefore interesting to note that digital technology used excessively has not made a reception and management job disappear. Now buy the lenses I find that going to a store to buy boxes of completely prescribed standard products such as lenses is an aberration. So I did a search on the internet,

Lean In Medicine Works!

and created an account on LentillesMoinsChè , the first site in natural referencing. Home webpage of lentilles Home webpage of lentilles This site is not necessarily a reference for e-commerce in design and ergonomics, but it is efficient and flawless. It is possible to upload a prescription, we receive an invoice, there is a wide choice, without really a guide to choose one type of lens or another. In a week at the latest, I have my lenses, that’s what I was looking for! Then buy a pair of glasses


“Ok google, say Siri, buy glasses” and I arrive on The glasses factory . There it is more delicate, because, unlike lenses where the product is almost completely prescribed by the ophthalmologist, the glasses product is like a garment: it must fit and please. We want to touch it, to try it. But, good news, there are beautiful photos, the frames are a few euros, and not a few hundred euros like in the shops. The glasses for a few tens of euros also, thinned thanks to a high refractive index and anti-reflective treatment because I have a strong correction. So too bad if I am not satisfied, I will go to a shop at worst, it will only have cost me 60

Now Buy The Lenses

postage included. I consider that being able to buy from home, the speed and the low cost outweighs the risk that I do not like it completely. When we see what Snapchat is doing, where in augmented reality your face is covered with that of another in real time, we wonder how long it will take to integrate such technology into the try-on of glasses. Because the site is well done, funny. A passionate ergonomist / designer worked there: you can enter your corrections, and, if you don’t want to, just upload your prescription. The pupillary

distance must be provided, unfortunately, it is not on my prescription, I have to measure it or find it in a previous prescription. Here too, the solution would be simple: take a photo with a measurement reference stuck on the forehead, and voila. The site has the good taste not to do like certain opticians, who ask you for your mutual insurance contract before you even know what you need: “for how much will I be able to stick it” you seem to read in their eyes when they look at your reimbursement limits. For the smartest, integrating a calculator would be simple: again, upload the contract and guarantees, an OCR and a database, maybe a

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