I’m sure you’ve seen an infographic  Venezuela Phone Number List  somewhere on the Internet. This is an important format for any content strategy. They are not essential, but infographics are very powerful! In addition, as you will see, creating and distributing infographics is a real creative pleasure. In addition, infographics are an effective way to distinguish yourself from your competition. Here is what Laurent thought about it during an aperitif last night: Infographics have had a big “trendy” period. We saw it everywhere, all the experts in Digital Marketing were talking about it.

It’s a bit past now. But I still consult it regularly, on different subjects? The computer graphics format has the advantage of graphically presenting an often complex subject. In this article, I will discuss infographics (what they are, what they are used for…) and above all present you some creation tools that I have tested especially for you! Let’s go. Contents [ display ] What exactly is an infographic? What’s the point ? Utilities of an infographic in Digital Marketing What is computer graphics? As Kamel Lefafta says very well, from whom I borrowed the above infographic, infographics are at the crossroads of graphics and Marketing and play on the visual and the spirit of synthesis.

My Test Of 4 Infographic Tools, Especially For You!

In Digital Marketing, an infographic is an image, generally large, which contains lots of funny, useful, surprising information … This image is specifically created to be attractive with: Bright colors, Icons that catch the eye, And punchy visual effects. The infographic should ideally also have useful content. Both form and substance should be very effective. Indeed, the main purpose of the infographic is to be distributed on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. Therefore, it is necessary that the subject addressed in the infographic “speaks” to the greatest number of people in your target. So here again, think about your personas , as in any Marketing Content Creation.


On a technical level, the infographic should be easy to share . This implies that it is in a standard format: PDF, JPG… and not in exotic file formats that only 1% of computers can read. Finally, storing your infographic on your WordPress site is an ideal solution. You can then just share the link to the infographic, rather than downloading it every time you want to share it. Indeed, an infographic is made to highlight your expertise and your business ! Utilities of an infographic in Digital Marketing As we have seen, the primary utility of infographics is to give you visibility to your offer and your business. That is to say to reach the greatest number of Internet users . To do this, remember that today,

Evaluation Of Infogram As A Tool For Creating Infographics

the average attention span that Internet users give you is less than 10 seconds. So you need an ultra-sophisticated infographic on its form and content to hope to stand out from the crowd and stand out from the competition! Infographic is also intended to generate traffic to a landing page or your website . This traffic won’t necessarily be ultra qualified, but if your infographic goes viral, the volume can be significant. The “infographic” format also has significant power to generate social engagement . If you make a really interesting infographic, expect to get a lot of likes, comments, and shares ! The network of choice for infographics is undoubtedly Pinterest. Finally, the infographic gives an image of dynamism to your business . Just thinking about creating one can be enough to set you apart from the competition unless you work in Digital Marketing

And then having the ability to create an infographic and distribute it effectively drives home the point. Your business is definitely worth discovering! One last note, before moving on to my review of 4 infographic creation tools. Infographics can even, in some cases, be used as a sales support. Laurent confirmed it to me: In my previous professional experience, we created several infographics. We passed them on to prospects during discussions with our sales representatives. Often times, this helped to advance their decision-making to work with us. The client realized that we were in control of our subject and that we were active and relevant. My test of 4 infographic tools, especially for you! My test of 4 infographic tools, especially for you! I went in search of computer graphics creation tools and more particularly online services.

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