Brands and industries are focusing Thailand Phone Number on wechat marketing, k12 education has expanded its marketing. Position to qq, hoping to cooperate with the wechat community to achieve the effect of 1+1>2. This has been. Confirmed by the qq group fission activity confirmed by gaotu classroom and zhuobang live class, which can play a good role in attracting fans and Thailand Phone Number converting. Let me share what the author has seen. And thought in the qq group these days. The outline of the article is as follows: why qq? Qq operating. Model dismantling comparison of gaotu classroom and homework help how to make good use of qq? 1. Why qq? In fact, fission in the qq group still has great drawbacks.

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Limit of wechat group; qq can Thailand Phone Number initiate a temporary session, and operators can reach users through private. Chat without adding users as friends, increasing the probability of information exposure; the qq group can. Be set to be banned from the group, which can effectively distinguish the learning exchange group, the data distribution group and the activity Thailand Phone Number participation group for the operator. A function can effectively. Improve the user experience. As long as the user can always obtain valuable information for him from the qq. Group, the probability of his withdrawal from the group is extremely low; multiple administrators. Can be added to the qq group, which is convenient for operators to manage users and improve operational.

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Also, of the fission Thailand Phone Number activity. 2) teacher xiaoshuai role: publish group announcements, pull people into the. Group; number of groups and group types: 6, diversion group + activity group; frequency of message reach: when you join the group for the Thailand Phone Number first time, a pop-up window reminds the content. Also, of the group. Announcement, and it is updated every morning. 3) mr. Zhili role: send invitation progress within the group, and some groups will send information; number of groups and group type: 5 active groups; frequency. Of message arrival: once a day under normal circumstances; found: this teacher should be an. Also, account operated by a real.


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