You know that Digital Marketing is constantly evolving! This is normal since our behavior is changing and technology is also evolving very quickly. For example, we are more and more glued to our smartphones. As a result, for example, your business website needs to be mobile-friendly. This is no longer an option, it is Papua New Guinea Email List standard ! In addition, Laurent keeps repeating: Mobile and Marketing go hand in hand! So when in October 2015, Google announced the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project, a new format to speed up web pages on mobile, I implemented it in stride on #audreytips.

I present to you today my feedback on Google AMP: What is Google AMP? 2 words about AMP technology How to make your WordPress site compatible? The impact of Google AMP on SEO? Contents [ display ] What is Google AMP? What is Google AMP? Google AMP is a protocol designed by Google that presents it as follows : The AMP project is an open source initiative aimed at improving the web for all. The project enables the creation of much faster, more beautiful and more efficient websites and ads regardless of devices and distribution platforms.


What Is Google Amp?


In other words, Google, in collaboration with Pinterest, WordPress, Twitter, and LinkedIn , is looking to make the web even faster. And a priori, he doesn’t trust website owners to: Efficiently speed up their website pages, Neither do it within a reasonable time. Although it is not clear from these words, the ultimate goal of the AMP project is above all to speed up the speed of mobile websites. Indeed, as I have told you many times before, your company’s website loses more than half of its visitors if the pages fail to load in less than 3 seconds (source visibleo ). That being said, Google’s “Accelerated Mobile Pages” initiative is also a response to.


Facebook Instant Articles , which also allow your content to load faster in the Facebook mobile application. The technology behind Google AMP The technology behind Google AMP Pages under AMP are a variation of the web pages you publish with your CMS – WordPress, for example. And Google offers this variant of page as soon as an Internet user does a search on his mobile. To take an analogy, the AMP project removes all the “fat” that is in your original source code to speed up page load time while maintaining a good user experience. Let’s talk about techno quickly I know that as an entrepreneur? you are not necessarily a Web technician. But I think it’s important to always know the basics.


How Do You Make Your Business Website Amp Compatible?

I will try to keep it simple. Concretely, AMP is a simplified version of HTML and JavaScript. AMP only keeps what is needed to display information to a user on their smartphone or tablet. This way the size of your web pages is kept to a minimum, up to 10 times less data than on a traditional web page. Just to understand how it works technically: HTML AMP is a simplified version of regular HTML. If you read the HTML code a bit, you see that some HTML tags are replaced or changed to improve performance. AMP JavaScript is also from an optimized library. External calls are loaded asynchronously. Slow CSS styles are disabled and some scripts are no longer loaded by default.

In addition, to speed up even more, Google provides the means to cache your pages in AMP format on these servers. And to top it off, the cached versions are served through their content delivery network (CDN). This is what “speeder” a max! Note : Although “Accelerated Mobile Pages” are a simplified version of pages viewed on PC, they retain the images, videos, audio, and CTA and / or social sharing buttons that are found in your web pages. Okay, enough technical blah! How do you make your business website AMP compatible? Despite appearances, making your site AMP compatible is super easy.

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