New extensions: What opportunity? Behind these new extensions, many companies intend to bet on a real strategy. We imagine that will surely have a lot of success with brands, as will which will find many followers in Brittany. For example, Algeria Email List specializing in events would have every interest in reserving domain names ending in .salon, such an extension would allow it to have real legitimacy with its customers. Its brand image would then be strengthened. The top 10 new extensions: If you are browsing this blog, it is because you are linked directly or indirectly to the web. Since March 25, 2013, the “.pw” extension has been open to any natural or legal person. Indeed, previously, this extension was only intended for residents of the Island of Palau.

From now on, the Island wishes to promote it as an extension for the “Professional Web”. We can then ask ourselves what interest could such an extension have? Not easy to combine and less significant than “.pro”, its success has yet to be defined. Be aware that there are more and more cases of cybersquatting. So if you don’t want your brand to be “squatted”, book it now! (The creation of a .pw domain name is only 3 € until June 1 at Gandi ) Owner of a brand? Protect her With this multitude of extensions that will become available, trademark protection may become difficult to manage.


New Extensions: What Opportunity?

This is why ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) allows trademark owners to have priority over their domain names. The purpose of this mechanism is to facilitate reservations and above all to protect brands. The latter will have the possibility of registering their domain names first or of being notified in the event of a reservation of a domain name directly mentioning the name of the brand. This database is managed by the TMCH (Trademark Clearing House). Registration is paid up to 190 € per year and per brand to set up a watch and have priority on domain names. LEGAL PROTECTIONS If you are already facing a case of cybersquatting, there are legal remedies and protections that will allow you to recover your domain names. For this, your trademark must imperatively be registered with the INPI.


“Local” extensions generally have their own procedure in their country. In the case of France (.fr), AFNIC manages the procedures when a dispute is declared. With regard to generic domains, ICANN has set up an extrajudicial procedure called the UDRP, proposed by WIPO . It aims to fight against typosquatting. However, given its high cost (between $ 1,500 and $ 5,000), make sure your request is legitimate. Indeed, the registrant often comes out the winner … We advise you to browse the WIPO service for more information on the settlement of disputes relating to domain names . How to pre-reserve your domain name? Gandi and many other Registrars allow you to pre-reserve your domain names.


How To Pre-reserve Your Domain Name?

There are several phases before you can own the domain name. Today, for many areas, we are in the “free pre-reservation” phase. That is to say that everyone can pre-reserve the same domain name. Then there will be a pre-recording phase. It is the period of Sunrise and Landrush. The first to pre-reserve a domain name will be the first served when opening the extension. Finally, we would like to point out that there is no guarantee of having a pre-reserved domain name during the normal purchase period, but at least your request will be treated as a priority. All registrars will request the same domain names at the same time, so you will understand that it is difficult to guarantee every registration. Already many oppositions are emerging.

Several people are wondering about the real usefulness of these new extensions, apart from forcing brands to protect their name by always spending more … In the meantime, in order to avoid a case of cybersquatting, we strongly advise you to pre-book your tickets. domain names with extensions directly related to your activity. The first openings will take place in June 2013. A good hearer! If you would like more information on the reservation of your domain names, ID Interactive accompanies you and takes care of the entire reservation process. Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

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