The designer silvia ferpal tells us about her daily routine in madrid and her sources of inspiration silvia ferpal silviaferpal2 is a designer and visual artist from madrid with an important career in the world of design, working in agencies and consultancies such as ogilvymather and designit, and is the winner of the spanish national design award in the young designers category. She even collaborated with the madrid city council to design the citys official typeface, which she named ferpal sans . In this domestika diaries, silvia shows us the corners, alleys and old places that inspire her daily in her beloved madrid, and lets us into the intimacy of her new studio where she creates beautiful designs with the help of her dog pepa.


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Below you can learn about a day in the life of silvia ferpal jewelry retouch service no morning for silvia can be productive if it doesnt begin with a walk through the city where she was born and with which she is completely in love madrid. Walking her small streets and visiting her old businesses inspire her daily to collect creative ideas and designs that she then constantly applies in her visual work.

These aimless walks were also the source of inspiration to create one of his most emblematic designs a typeface based on those ceramic signs so characteristic of madrid. Domestika diaries silvia ferpal 3 silvia was inspired by ceramic signs to create her typography ferpal sans this typeface by silvia ferpal accompanied the posters for the san isidro festivities and later became the official typeface of madrid under the traditional name of chulapa .

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Domestika diaries silvia ferpal 5 its typeface accompanied BLB Directory the san isidro festivities to later become the official typeface of madrid these times keep silvia very busy, as she finds herself in a new and exciting project the development of her new design studio that she shares with the photographer laura san segundo. This new space promises to boost silvias creativity under the unconditional support of her greatest inspiration, her dog pepa de ella, who awakens all her senses and encourages her to take an attitude to explore new paths in the city.

Domestika diaries silvia ferpal 7 pepa is silvias inseparable companion many artists take inspiration from the places where they live, and it is that madrid defines much of silvias work, where she visits traditional shops and antique markets such as el rastro, to view objects, tools and any type of junk that she later uses as design elements. In your projects.

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