Don’t forget yourself
Our tips and tricks are not a one-size-fits-all solution to life’s problems.

As I told you, working in a remote company has many. Advantages (advantages that would never be possible in any other reality). Hopefully these tips can help you mitigate the downsides (and some situations we’re still adjusting to).

The pandemic is not over and we still have to go through difficult days. But we are more united than ever, because we know very well that deep down there is no

magic trick that will solve our problems.

Therefore, my final advice is not to perform a task or an action, but to. Share a bit of wisdom that I have acquired along the way.

Thank you . Not every day will be good, but not. Every day will be bad either.
Don’t get so angry about the things you can’t control and be kind to yourself about the things you can.
Creative balance will come when you understand what. Matters most: you must be good with yourself .
So calm down, trust yourself, take care of your health. And keep creating. Take Australia WhatsApp Number List advantage of these new opportunities for a healthy and productive 2022 so you can reap the rewards and have fun along the way with this work format. And follow us on linkedin to follow the content we publish!

Anyone who has watched an episode of

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masterchef can see the show’s chef judges berating contestants for a messy and disorganized work table.

This principle of keeping your work environment clean and tidy does not only apply to the culinary world. It goes for everything! Especially when we talk about marketing and automation strategies .

As such, valuing marketing automation planning to organize and document processes is a difficult habit to cultivate, but extremely rewarding.

When I joined rock content, the team had about 20 employees focused exclusively on a single product and market, the brazilian one.

Today we are still a lean team , but we have 4 products and. A global presence, with a strong presence in brazil, mexico and the united states (that is, 3 languages). None of this would be possible without organization.

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