Learn how to design, step by step, a mockup or digital dummy of your printed book in adobe photoshop with daniel bolivar while the saying dont judge a book by its cover has much truth, it is also true that a readers first impression of a book is from its cover. The moment a cover catches a potential readers interest, and opens the book to dig deeper, thats where the magic happens. Daniel bolívar danielbolivar is an editorial designer and illustrator with experience designing book covers for publishers such as penguin random house and grupo planeta, among others. In the following tutorial, daniel teaches you how to design a digital dummy for your book cover using basic techniques in adobe photoshop.


Copy and paste the layer style on the other covers.

Export the cover proposals you will need to create a new project background remove service folder on your computer to export all the covers you create in adobe photoshop. Remember to export these files in jpg format with a resolution of at least 250 dpi. Editorial design tutorial how to create a digital dummy 3 in adobe photoshop export your design proposals editorial design tutorial how to create a digital dummy 4 create a new folder to export your covers 2. Create a background to accompany your cover as we have said before, a mockup or digital dummy is a graphic way of visualizing the design of a printed book, and to create a dummy you first need to choose a colored background or with certain textures that graphically accompany your cover.

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Adjust the background to the characteristics of your cover.

These simple backgrounds can be created in photoshop. Editorial BLB Directory design tutorial how to create a digital dummy 6 the digital dummy consists of the cover and a colored or textured background.once you have chosen the background of your choice, adjust its dimensions to the size of your cover. You can also experiment with different values ​​of the background, for example playing with the sharpness, darkness, threedimensionality and saturation of the background to adjust it to the colors and characteristics of your cover. Always look for coherence and graphic interaction between the two.

Editorial design tutorial how to create a digital dummy 8 the background of your choice must fit the size of the cover editorial design tutorial how to create a digital dummy 9 you can adjust the levels of sharpness, darkness and saturation, among others if you have different styles of covers for the same book, daniel recommends that you create several backgrounds of different colors and textures to have several digital dummies at hand, ensuring that each dummy fits the needs of each of your covers.

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