The ADIPH 35 (Departmental  Austria WhatsApp Number List  Association for the Integration of People with Disabilities) is an association in the service of Cap Emploi 35, a State service helping people with disabilities in their access to employment , their insertion and reorientation. Héloïse has been a member of the Board of Directors for over a year: “we are around twenty people, including four companies,” she explains. My goal is to bring my vision of the company and a little modernity to help ADIPH 35 in its strategic choices and its policy of supporting people with disabilities ”. Heloise Héloïse Blin, Human Resources Officer at MV Group Attract talent with disabilities and facilitate the recruitment process Héloïse explains to me that Cap Emploi 35 works more and more with companies: “this is an area that interests me

both on a personal level and for the actions that we want to put in place within MV Group to attract more talents with disabilities ”. The ADIPH 35 Board of Directors meets once a quarter. For Héloïse, “it is always an opportunity for rich exchanges because we help each other”. Indeed, she brings to the association her vision of the company and the group by evoking the problems that professionals are confronted with in terms of recruitment. Discussions with the association also make it possible to become familiar with the difficulties that candidates may encounter, but also to better understand the various aid associations. As a company, it is about supporting\

Attract Talent With Disabilities

ADIPH 35 in its development strategy, providing the vision of the company, the difficulties we face, etc., because it is a vision that teams don’t always. It is also a way of facilitating exchanges between employees of the association and companies to help integration into employment. Welcoming employees with disabilities is a strong desire of MV Group. Much more than a value, diversity within our teams is really part of our DNA! “For us, it is important to think that we can participate in improving support, whether on the company side or on the candidate side”, confirms Héloïse. But above all, she explains, “80% of disabilities appear during life, and are therefore linked to professional retraining.


These disabled situations affect a population over forty years old: however, the digital world is still little known to these people, who are sometimes afraid of it. For companies like MV Group, it is complicated to recruit, because how do you attract people who are afraid of this industry, which seems very closed and complicated? ” Supporting ADIPH 35 is thus a way of better understanding what could hold back candidates, and possibly supporting them on a retraining through training , for example. What is the link between companies and ADIPH 35? A company may wish to approach an association such as ADIPH 35 or Cap Emploi 35 for two reasons: For an employee with a disability

What Is The Link Between

the association can support companies and employees, whether it is a new employee or a new employee or another whose handicap declared itself during the career. The company and the employee himself can then turn to Cap Emploi 35 for all matters relating to job planning, support and retention of the person in the company, or even leaving the company and retraining if the position is not compatible with a disabled situation. To integrate employees with disabilities: the association then acts as a link between the company and the candidates,

and offers the company profiles of people who may be interested in the position. For us, being part of ADIPH 35 is a huge advantage, because we get to know better the disability network, the channels (who to contact), but also the difficulties faced by candidates. Indeed, she specifies, companies receive relatively little support in situations of disability. Paradoxically, there are a lot of interlocutors and associations, so they can have difficulty knowing where to turn, whether it is for the recruitment, retention or reorientation of a person. “Being part of ADIPH 35 enriches me personally,

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