Even by investing in short dance videos or image transitions between products for your ad, it’s possible to tell a little story or make a connection with the user. Research the best way to do this and make sure you connect your product or service objectively.

2. Where will it be displayed?
There are several professionals who use the reach and engagement provided by the data from the advertising platforms themselves to define the best channels, schedules and targeting.

Admittedly, we still have to consider this, but it’s also good to think from a where-to-know perspective:

If your audience has a way to be there to see the movie or the tutorial;
If we can convert other viewers into leads. Who are not part of your audience, but who could be attracted.
3. What time will the video be broadcast?
At the beginning, in the middle or at the end: you should consider the content of Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List the video to know the best time to present it . Remember that nobody likes to be interrupted, but there is content that is worth it.

Carefully analyze associations that run ads even on paid plans

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This generates results. But do you consider the frustration. Of a paid user of a platform when faced with an advertisement? You must be certain that the potential profits are worth the possible expenses.

5. Reflect: is this the best way to reach my audience?
Listening to a podcast the other day, I was reminded of watching commercials between the morning news.

But I soon became aware of the evolution of the format: while they were talking about the growth. Of latin american workers taking on remote jobs at international companies, they suggested an english. Course for those who still don’t feel confident about investing in a career at these companies. And with a discount, for those who are listeners.

I think this is a great way: connect your product or service in a consistent, contextual, and friendly way with your ad.

Therefore, I believe that it is always possible to offer a good user experience and pay attention to the signs (and surveys!) that point to a good path, according to the events of society and the evolution of your brand or business. .

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