The first impression: your profile picture Argentina Phone Number If you google personal branding, you’ll see a series of ads of workshops and courses to help you with it in a few days. Sometimes including clothing and make-up Argentina Phone Number advice (the latter also for men). Perhaps that is going a bit too far for you. Then you save that for a Argentina Phone Number later stage. However, you only have one chance to make a first impression. And what’s the first thing people see about you when they view your profile? That’s right: the profile picture.

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Perhaps something to pay some attention to. Because if you still have that holiday photo or something that is out of focus or poorly lit, it’s time for action. A nice tool for a ‘zero measurement’ of your profile picture is Photofeeler . The first impression – your profile picture – Photofeeler You can do a nice ‘before & after’ test with the free tool Photofeeler. She gets quick feedback about how you come across, on a number of aspects. There you can see how your photo scores. Just upload and you will receive reviews from your peers in no time.

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Then you know if you should do something about it – and what to watch out for. In an article by Jasper Steffens you see dozens of detailed examples of ‘before & after’. Measuring personal branding Every year lists are published of the most influential people. As long as you are not on those lists, you are dependent on other tools to measure your personal brand. One of these is Linkedin’s Social Selling Index (SSI) . This allows you to check how you are doing online, on the largest platform for professionals. Perhaps not the best, but an interesting indicator.

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