Attention paid to projects that should Albania Phone Number receive more praise than just a few hundreds of views on YouTube. They are reviewed in random order. If you still miss certain toppers, be sure to let us know in the comments!  Albania Phone Number  Aviation Gin – Ryan Reynolds A lot of Hollywood actors get into the drink industry. John Legend has his wines, the guys from Breaking Bad launched Dos Hombres this year and  Albania Phone Number  actor Ryan Reynolds has had his own gin for a number of years. Aviation Gin fits in seamlessly with how we know the actor on social media. Full of self-mockery and sarcasm, he ridicules the marketing world. Actually.

The Albania Phone Number commercials

Such a sense of timing and humor Albania Phone Number that they are worth watching. The Process is unfortunately a video from 2018, so it does not fit in this list. But this year there were the videos Dedication and Truce (which settles the Albania Phone Number feud with Hugh Jackmann). During the go-live, Dedication connected seamlessly with the tumult surrounding the documentary Fyre Fest, in which water guy Andy King played a Albania Phone Number special role. It all starts with the question: how far would you go for your company? 2. KLM 100 years Dutch glory KLM celebrated its 100th anniversary this year. Many other Dutch brands responded .

Albania Phone Number

To This Albania Phone Number anniversary

Congratulating KLM extensively. KLM itself, of Albania Phone Number course always razor-sharp on social media, also contributed with a special commercial. We are taken along by several generations in the past 100 years of KLM. The Albania Phone Number music (another Dutch pride Joep Beving), the decor, the outfits: it’s right. The reactions on YouTube are therefore positive. I am somewhat favored with a mother who has been Albania Phone Number working for society for 30 years, but even without blue glasses I can only say that it is a very successful video. 3. AJAX – Your Dreams Are Calling Ajax ‘s content team has proven itself time and again last season, especially in the run-up.

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