Work and when you go to sleep. Woman Saudi Arabia Phone Number listens podcast in bus. Spotify is shaking up the podcast world In the trend predictions ( see also this article ), Spotify is regularly cited as an important disruptor in the podcast Saudi Arabia Phone Number world, and as a driver for the microcast. In June this year, the company launched the new personal playlist ‘Your Daily Drive’. This is still aimed at American and British listeners Saudi Arabia Phone Number for now, but you can already find your own personal list. This playlist is about an hour and a half long and consists of music and podcasts, most of which are short. A long podcast of an hour does not fit well into such a list. An example of a podcast that cleverly taps into Spotify’s hunger for shorter podcasts is Gimlet.

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Science Vs Gimlet (now part of Spotify) now Saudi Arabia Phone Number also publishes ‘Shots of Science Vs’. This microcast contains summaries of the original podcasts and is often only 7 minutes long. Also read: 25+ podcasts about Saudi Arabia Phone Number marketing, social media & personal development Everyone has their own radio station At the end of September, Spotify also announced that you can add podcasts to your Saudi Arabia Phone Number playlists yourself . You can now alternate music with podcasts in your playlists. And you can also share your lists with others. Your own radio program! The different ways that people listen to things on Spotify will also change the nature of podcasts.

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More short Saudi Arabia Phone Number  minute pods

long and short podcasts, such  and YELLOW . Real Dutch microcasts still seem rare. Do you know another one? Feel free to share yourMuch the Saudi Arabia Phone Number way that Spotify has upended the music industry, they’re going to do the same for podcasts, for better or worse. – Chris Oke (CBC Podcasts team) Do Dutch microcasts already exist? I noticed that Your Daily Drive only contains American and British podcasts. I put Saudi Arabia Phone Number out a call on Twitter asking whether Dutch microcasts already exist. The podcast Annet from KRO-NCRV is about 5 minutes per episode. First This , the EO’s Bible podcast, lasts 7 minutes per episode. I also got tips for creators of both.

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