To take our example of “Vietnam travel price”, you will be able to discuss different subjects such as: Airline tickets, Accommodation and transport on site, Sports or cultural activities, Or the description of a trip organized for one, two or Spain Email List weeks. And to cover each topic in depth, also answer questions your reader may not have asked themselves yet. This will only confirm your expertise in the field. To give you ideas for topics, use Google Suggest. You know the suggestions that appear when you enter your query.

To give you ideas for topics, use Google Suggest This is how you realize that it is also relevant to answer the question of “when to go to Vietnam”. By responding as precisely as possible to your Internet user’s questions, your objective is twofold. In fact, you increase: The retention time of your reader on your business website. In addition, it tells Google that your content is relevant, The conversion rate of your forms by showing your expertise on the subject.


Seo Needs To Know User Intentions

To use our example, it would be a good idea to write an article or a page dealing with online quotes for trips to Vietnam. 2. Make your content “Google Friendly” – Make your content “Google Friendly” Once you have written your content, you must check whether it is “Google Friendly”. For this, you can do an analysis on . This online tool calculates the percentage of optimization of your content for a specific keyword. In our example, the home page of the Tonkin Voyage site is only 75% optimized for the keyword “Vietnam travel price”. It may be interesting to enrich the content to get closer to 100%.


Note : in its paid version, depending on the rating assigned to your content, gives you access to a list of keywords and expressions to add to your content to optimize it. Obviously, the goal is to get a score that is closest to 100%. To summarize this chapter, your second job is to create content that is both optimized for your readers and for Google. Now that the basics are in place, we’ll be able to focus on acquiring backlinks.


Lead Generation Also Needs To Know User Intentions

On the same subject : How to analyze your inbound link profile? Gain popularity on Googl e to reach the first page Gain popularity to reach the first Google page No matter what you say, Google’s algorithm considers a website to be popular based on its number of backlinks. This means that a site without a backlink has no chance of ranking on Google. But that doesn’t mean that a site with hundreds (or even thousands) of links is guaranteed to reach the top position, either. As often, in Digital Marketing, quantity is important, but it is necessary above all to privilege the quality .

In other words, to properly rank your website, the best strategy is to acquire quality links, thematic and if possible in quantity. And for that, there are mainly 2 ways to proceed: Spy on your competitors, Write guest articles in other people’s homes. 1. Spy on your competitors Backlink Watch – Spy on Your Competitors The first method is to spy on your competition. In many tools allow you to know all the backlinks of your competitors simply by analyzing their URL. Among all these tools, there is SEMrush , KWFinder or even BacklinkWatch .

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