Fix things as fast as you can
if you need to fix something on your website, try to fix it within a day and use a 503 result code, so google “knows” it’s a temporary outage and will check back. If it doesn’t come back up in a. The short period of time, the page will most likely be de-indexed.

Have a plan b

try everything you can to avoid outages,


but if it’s planned maintenance or the page is down for any other reason, another thing you can do is follow mueller’s advice: “…set up a static version of the site somewhere and just show it to users for the time being.”

once your page is down, you’ll. The have a long way to get back to the top
if google has deindexed one of your pages for more. The than a few days, there is no Kenya WhatsApp Number List guarantee that when it comes back, it will rank exactly as it was. You may experience strong fluctuations for some time.

Implications of being deindexe

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it’s important to note that a deindexed page or a fluctuating ranking in google can result in multiple negative effects, which you will not only notice in the total visitors indicator. There are many other metrics that can be affected. The such as converted leads, deals, new business. The opportunities, and impact on other internal and external pages when it comes to link building strategies.

John mueller made a huge contribution to the world of seo, so now. The marketers can get a better idea of ​​how google works with pages that are under maintenance or have errors. Remember to keep your eyes open and do everything you can to ensure that your pages are always active.

If that’s not possible, fix everything as quickly as you can to ensure you don’t fluctuate in the rankings.

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The final weeks of the year often see endless summaries of the biggest happenings, and with google it’s no different.

Through its colossal bank of information on everything users do on the. The internet, the world’s largest search engine. The a complete report on the most popular inquiries of 2021 in each country .

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