From the perspective of the overall product structure, the three products do not seem to be much different,

and they are all composed of five modules: homepage, market quotation, self-selection, transaction and information.

In fact, this is not the case. For example, on the home page:

In South Korea Mobile Number addition to the head sub-function set,

Flush has four major sections: investment reference (information), data center,

stock market live broadcast and value-added services;

Oriental Fortune Network mainly focuses on financial news,

real market competitions, simulations Combinations,

popular solutions, recommended stock friends and stock schools are several major sections; while Snowball has much less section richness than the former,

mainly content analysis and discussion and articles output by professional editors.

From this point of view, Flush Shun relies on years of technical precipitation,

and is more inclined to the one-way output of high-quality news information and in-depth statistical data,

providing data reference for investors’ investment decisions; while Oriental Fortune and Snowball have stronger social attributes. It is inclined to multi-directional discussion and analysis of content, and uses KOL to provide investors with investment advice.


According to the different knowledge and proficiency of stocks,


  1. A novice who is interested in South Korea Mobile Number stock trading. Students with little economic strength or newcomers who have just entered the workplace do not know how to trade or are unfamiliar. They hope to learn basic knowledge through simulated stock trading, etc., and then conduct actual trading after they have a certain experience.
  2. Ordinary retail investors in actual trading. I have not been investing in stocks for a long time. I want to use idle funds and fragmented time to invest in stocks. I know certain knowledge and methods of stock trading. I will join some stock communities and make stock friends, but I have not yet formed my own theoretical method.
  3. Senior stockholders. He has a deep understanding of the stock market, and has his own set of methods and theories for stock trading. He has a wide range of sources of information and is willing to share his own stock trading experience.

Let’s talk about senior investors first. Such users have a relatively high level of stock speculation,


South Korea Mobile Number
South Korea Mobile Number

and most of them focus on flush flush. They rely on the rich high-quality free data of flush flush to make financial decisions, and they have a lot of returns. Everyone in the world yearns for “success and fame”, and flushes promote their “success”, but they fail to fulfill their “name”. Therefore, some users who are eager to “name” try Snowball to fulfill their dream of “name and fame”.

Looking at ordinary retail investors, this type of retail investors can be divided into high-level retail investors and low-level retail investors. High-level retail investors are often proficient in using stock trading tools to obtain the required data, and have strong ability to analyze and predict stock data. With a complete methodology and theory, such users are highly dependent on and sticky to flush flush; while low-level retail investors have relatively weak self-awareness and analysis capabilities for stocks, and are more likely to be influenced by others and follow them blindly. Snowball or Oriental Fortune Attract, follow KOL for stock investment.

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