For a company to offer excellent customer service and have a well-performing customer success department is vital for business.

Digital presence, quick issue resolution, and accessibility to product information are key to keeping customers happy and building trust.

The customer wants problems to be solved easily and quickly
Classic situation: you have a problem with your internet and you call your service provider. You enter your account information and wait many minutes — sometimes hours — for the assistant to speak to you.

Finally someone answers you. You explain


your problem. This person asks you to go through some basic troubleshooting steps — which you’ve already tried — and without letting you talk, he transfers you.

You wait a little longer. You talk to another assistant.u have to explain again Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List what your problem is. And then this person — who most of the time can’t help you either — needs to transfer you to another level of support or supervisor. And so several times.

Today, with the power of the internet, people know that their problems can damage a company’s reputation if many people share them on social channels.

Of course, as a company, you want

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to give the best service to your customers. But on social channels, if an issue goes viral, even people who never contacted you may avoid dealing with you or stop working with you because of other clients’ issues.

That is why it is so important to strengthen the relationship. Between marketing and customer success in the age of social networks.

Marketing knows how to monitor social services and customer success knows how to solve customer problems. It is crucial to give your customers a solution in any channel in which they contact you.

This alignment can help create closer relationships with your. Customers, and it also helps you avoid an image crisis due to a lack of social mention tracking.

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