Sprout twitter post performance report keep in mind that the metrics you should be monitoring here are the ones related to engagement. Impressions and reach aren’t as important here because they show how many people may have seen your tweets. You need to know which tweets are getting your followers to take action. Not the ones that are just being seen. Another cool stat to check in sprout is your content and engagement habits. This shows the types of tweets you’re sending out. Sprout twitter publishing behavior report look at what type of content you’re sharing the most. Are you tweeting photos. Articles or just regular text links. Then compare that against your engagement stats. Sprout twitter engagement report if you see an increase from sharing more articles or photos. You’ll have a better idea of what’s working best. Try mixing up the types of tweets you send out and monitor your engagement over time.

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What are your follower demographics? We couldn’t write Sales Directors Email Lists guide on how to analyze twitter followers without mentioning demographics. Demographics are helpful for a couple reasons. For one. You need to know if the people following you on twitter are aligned with your company’s target customer. For instance. If your customer demographic is 18-34 year old males but a majority of your twitter followers are 45-54 year old females. There’s a disconnect somewhere. Also. Knowing your demographics will help you craft better marketing messages targeted to specific people. You can find your followers’ demographics in twitter or sprout. Sprout twitter audience demographics report start analyzing now that you know what to look for. It’s time start analyzing.

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Go through the steps above and start learning about who your audience is. But don’t get stuck at the analysis stage. Put your findings to use and improve your twitter marketing strategy. There may come a time in your social media career where you look at your brand and wonder. “is it time to create another twitter account?” having multiple twitter accounts can be quite beneficial for many reasons. Brands and organizations do not have to have a global presence or thousands of followers to need for multiple twitter accounts. If you have a wide audience. Multiple products or services or different departments with different goals. Then multiple twitter accounts might be your best solution. While having multiple accounts may seem like it’s just creating more work for you. With detailed planning and thought. You’ll find that it helps you out in the long run.

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