For this, the alignment between these two teams is essential. And that’s where your marketing automation plan should start: what information will your sales team always need?

Can you sell if you don’t know the names of the people? Can you sell without having a way to contact the buyer? an you sell without. Knowing what products your website visitors are interested in?

Anyway, these questions are just some

suggestions that can guide your reflection.

Here at rock content, for example, the sales team needs 6 pieces of information:

Name: for a more humanized contact;
Email: to contact and share educational or informative. Content about our products and services;
Telephone: to facilitate communication and also make the contact more human.
Company website: to perform technical analysis on Argentina WhatsApp Number List performance. And user experience, as well as to better understand the profile and business of potential customers;

Number of employees: for the internal

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organization, as we believe that size greatly influences the type of pain or problem a company may have, and organizing our process around this ensures better success rates;
Specialization area: for internal organization, since we have. Different offers depending on the sector.
As I said at the beginning of the text, it is possible that. The example that I brought here is not valid for your company (or maybe it is). Regardless, it’s up to the marketing team to talk to sales and find out.

Once your business needs are met, repeat the process with. Only the marketing team in mind: is there any other information that is essential to carry out your strategies? If so, add it to the list!

For example, other fields that are essential for the operation of rock content are: preferred language, contact location, product of interest, conversion date, contact origin, conversion channel, among others.

With the list created, you already know what information. (properties) is essential for your marketing operation and you can.

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