Forbes ceo mike federle says the line will not be crossed . And that interest from binance is just as an investment. “and any investor who makes an investment in forbes knows that stressing editorial independence, journalism, or crossing that line will have a negative effect on their investment.”

for analysts, however, there is no way to see the business in this way. Henri arslanian, a partner at pwc who frequently advises crypto firms, wrote on twitter: “binance buying part of forbes is like mcdonald’s buying part of yelp or marriott buying part of tripadvisor. Even if there is no conflict of interest, there may be the appearance of a conflict.”

let’s wait and see.

Consumer behavior has changed a lot, right? When it comes to african-american consumers and afro-descendants in general, this fact is even stronger.

A mckinsey survey found that this segment is willing to pay Portugal WhatsApp Number List up to 20% more for the right products and services that meet their needs.

For brands, this is an incredible opportunity to increase their efforts to serve this group.

The question is: how can you be prepared to communicate

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more effectively with these consumers, in order to achieve better results while promoting racial equity?

The purchasing power of this group is growing rapidly
the fight for racial equality has made big changes on many issues, including purchasing power. As a consequence, brands are getting down to business to take on this new economic force like never before.

Fortunately, the purchasing power of people of african descent is growing rapidly: from $910 billion in 2019 to a projected $1.7 trillion in 2030 . However, for a long time, companies have not seen these consumers as their priority ethnic targets.

But – positively – this scenario is slowly changing.

Take a recent example: this month, target introduced 40 new beauty brands to its lineup , and half of them are from companies founded or owned by people of african descent.

The announcement is part of the retailer’s initiative to spend more than $2 billion on ethnic-owned businesses by 2025.

Some large companies are taking the initiative to better cater. The to this group, as well as giving room for small and large businesses they own to grow.

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