You also have vacancy websites in Namibia Phone Number two flavors, the real job board (or the vacancy website) and the vertical search engine . The job board only shows vacancies that are actually posted on the job board itself such as Monsterboard Namibia Phone Number and Intermediair The vertical search engine can also scrape jobs from other job boards, careers websites and recruitment websites. Usually these are the websites with high Namibia Phone Number volumes in vacancy numbers (Indeed, Jobrapido, Jooble et cetera). What is the purpose of the website? Usually just making money, no more, no less.

Different Forms Of Cooperation Namibia Phone Number

What should you pay attention to? If you are going to start a new vacancy website in the Netherlands, then you are really a handsome boy Namibia Phone Number if you can still earn a nice living with it. Prepare yourself for dry bread! dry bread As I mentioned in my intro, there are so many commercial vacancy platforms that you really need to Namibia Phone Number know what you’re getting yourself into. Keep in mind that Indeed, Monsterboard, LinkedIn and Google for Jobs are your competitors! And your vacancy website is really worth nothing without enough traffic. What you also have to take into account is that your functionalities and your UX must be much more extensive than a careers website or an average recruitment website.

Namibia Phone Number

Forms Of Cooperation Namibia Phone Number

Your client must be able to post vacancies themselves in the front-end section of your vacancy website. And you want to offer your candidate Namibia Phone Number their own environment in the front-end part of your website. If you do have the “one in a million idea” to create a job vacancy website for commercial exploitation, great! But keep in mind all your customers who want to receive applicants in their own way. Some by email, but the major Namibia Phone Number players directly in their ATS. Some examples: career website career in limburg Career in Limburg Proposition: all vacancies in one province.

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