Pleasant confrontation is one of the Cayman Islands Phone Number themes. A theme that has stayed with me very much, because I like to avoid confrontations myself. I want everyone to be happy. When the talking starts to get louder and a Cayman Islands Phone Number voice is raised here and there, I can already feel the red spots on my neck. While I know Cayman Islands Phone Number that a pleasant confrontation is often very valuable, but how do I go about that? It is good to first look at the definition of pleasant confrontation.

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It consists of two elements, namely pleasant Cayman Islands Phone Number and confrontation (didn’t you think?). According to De Looze, the strength lies in the combination of both. You name what the other person is not happy with, while preserving the relationship. You don’t have to agree, the important thing is that the confrontation goes well, for both Cayman Islands Phone Number sides. So it’s about how you approach it. Three starting points for a pleasant confrontation There are three starting points that help you to pleasantly confront others. You abstain from judgment You keep it to yourself You give space to the other abstain from judgment A comment is much more likely to come across as a threat if it contains judgment.

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So it is wise to share factual observations. That is quite difficult, because the two can be very close to each other. De Looze gives a good example: ‘I see you are irritated’, sounds very factual. For example, you see someone crossing their arms and hear someone talking louder and louder. Yet it is not a factual comment. It is your interpretation of what you see. You don’t see that someone is irritated, but you can see that someone is crossing their arms and talking louder.

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