Permissions can be customized based on how your team members interact with incoming or outgoing messages and even their ability to create new tags. Personalize workflows to keep team members on task to what’s relevant working efficiently on social can be tricky. Especially when juggling team members with different responsibilities and expertise. In sprout. You can personalize workflows to surface what’s relevant for each team member. Once permissions have been set. Create workflows that align to individual team roles. Building on the tags you’ve created. You can set up personalized smart inbox views based on agent routing or triaging. These inbox views can be personalized to agents based on multiple filters (profile. Message type. Brand keywords and tags) and will keep each agent on task by using an efficient workflow that optimizes their time.

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Rather than sorting through a sea of irrelevant messages. To make IT Directors Managers Email Lists workflow even quicker. Utilize tag-based inbox rules to automatically route messages to the appropriate agent or team’s inbox view. Automation can sound intimidating when it comes to social media. But with tags it’s going to be your new favorite feature. Automatically tag messages using inbox rules based on certain criteria (like keyword. Author. Etc.) to find priority messages faster and avoid repetitive manual work of combing through every incoming message in the smart inbox. Further personalize inbox rules by setting up notification alerts for specific high priority messages. Or even tag a team member’s name if they handle content-specific smart inbox messages like negative customer service inquiries.

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Tip: make sure your inbox rules are set up for a variation of keywords. In action. ‘cs – damaged’ would be tagged if any incoming message included ‘broken’. Damaged’. Cracked’. ‘shattered’ or ‘ripped’. This automated tagging structure helps to standardize your team’s workflow so they can immediately start responding to priority negative tagged messages. Learn more about inbox rules here. Include backups in your team’s workflow to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. And that priority messages get route to the team member or team who is best equip to handle them. For the messages that didn’t get tag or sort into a specific inbox view. Have a specific team member go through on a cadence and manually tag any important messages.

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