Download thousands of images of cassette designs, a retro object that is making a comeback on march 11, many officially declared the cassette format extinct after the death of its creator, the father of the cassette , lou ottens. However, nothing could be further from the truth as a design object and even as a dissemination strategy for independent bands, the cassette is back and so is interest in its design. Tapedeck.Org is the project created by german graphic designer and street artist neck cnse to showcase the amazing beauty and sometimes bizarreness of these common audio tape designs . Next, we show you some curious models and we tell you the story of this return. Free thousands of cassette tape designs on tapedeck 2 philips moving sound. Tapedeck.Org archive. The birth on march 11, 2021, lou ottens, the creator of the cassette tape, passed away at the age of 94.


Apparently the Phenomenon is Explained Because the Economic.

Lou ottens led the 40person team that developed philippines photo editor the device for the endhoven philipsowned hasselt company in the 1960s. In 1964 the design was refined and massproduced in germany to begin distribution around the world. Of the world. Free thousands of cassette tape designs on tapedeck 4 basf. Tapedeck.Org archive. The idea ottens conceived his design thinking of something that would be comfortable to carry in his pockets, because his ultimate goal was to make music portable. His wish was that people could easily take his music to friends houses.

This wish would be fulfilled in 1979 with the invention of the walkman. Four years before, the appearance of the blank cassette and the possibility of recording the music that each one wanted, had paved the way to personalize the experience of listening to music in a completely individual way. Free thousands of cassette tape designs on tapedeck 6 sony walkman 100. Tapedeck.Org archive.

philippines photo editor

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Sundown cassette sales began to decline BLB Directory around 2004 and the format fell out of favor. However, this was not necessarily depressing for the creator of the. Cassette as ottens had also been part of the team that invented the cd. Free thousands of cassette tape designs at tapedeck 8 sony. Tapedeck.Org archive. An unexpected return according to the consulting firm nielsen, the use of the cassette has been increasing dramatically since 2018.

In fact, that year its consumption increased by 75 in the us market and 35 globally. Experts point to this phenomenon as something related to the success. Of certain retro consumption such as the stranger things series . In the uk, more tapes were sold in the first half of 2020 alone than in all of 2018. Free thousands of cassette tape designs at tapedeck 10 agfa. Tapedeck.Org archive.

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